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Feeling Anxiety After Titrating off Clonazepam


My "new" neurologist said he would no longer prescribe clonazepam--2mg twice a day--as my "retired" neurologist had been prescribing. I did not realize that during the years I was taking it, the anxiety I had always had as an adolescent, the Clinical depression in my senior year at Berkeley w/ severe panic attacks, claustrophobia, agoraphobia, and insomnia were always lurking in the background. In my life, I had several bouts of depression and now in my 60's I have autoimmune issues, arthritis, degenerative disc disease, etc., chronic pain have been made worse as I have titrated down to 0.05mg at night and then I am to stop. I had therapy for several years w/ a good MFT. Now with all the news of the #METOO movement with the recent Kavanagh hearing and what ensued, I am remembering the molestation by my father and especially when I first had a relationship with a man who said his fantasy of my first sexual experience--I was a virgin--was a rape in which I went along but at the last moment I told him to stop and he said, "It's going to hurt anyway" and let it happen, now have made it clear--in my mind-- I was really raped. I am on disability due to my autoimmune issues and have Medicare and Medicaid which makes it difficult to see a psychiatrist who can prescribe medication or an MFT I can talk to. My anxiety is real and I know I cannot go without medication entering my senior years. I need help.

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Sorry to hear about your issues. Not prescribing Klonopin is political decision. Klonopin is a benzodiazepine and doctors are getting called out for prescribing.

It’s similar to the opioid problem . I have Parkinson’s disease and still take Klonopin.

Yes, I believe that. Thank you for posting...I feel a bit lonely and your post gives me hope. Doctors are having the "opioid fear" and those of us who really need something is suffering because of this. I am trying to think of ways to convince a doctor(s) I need something. Any suggestions, ideas? Many thanks.

Try phenibut at 500mg twice a week along with kava twice a week...alternate days. Or look up clonazolam, etizolam, flubromazolam on internet to take this in your own hands. We need medication and it shouldn't be this hard to get them!

Thank you, I will look into that. I am so happy I am getting responses!!! Thanks so much. : )

Hi Crimson913. I just looked up "phenibut" and it is amazing to know where it was first discovered and the pros and cons. I am going to try this--read posts about people who had symptoms of anxiety, PTSD, and so on and it can't hurt to try. "Taking this in your own hands..." as you smartly put it, is what one has to do if we need medications which I agree, "...it shouldn't be this hard to get them!" I believe this 100%.

Yes phenibut was put into the Russian cosmonaut kit in case they got panicked in space! It takes 3 hours to fully kick in and it gives a mild push that kills anxiety and creates a more sober than sober excitement a out life.

Etizolam if legal on your state is theinodiazepam and feels like less sedating valium. Clonazolam is cross between alprazolam and clonazepam made in the 1970s. It is very powerful and very euphoric and is dosed at .25mg usually in liquid form.

Another is tianeptine or stablon as it's called when a European prescription. It erases anxiety and depression and replaced it with a joy and mild exuberance at 25mg.

Crimson913 you are very knowledgeable and I read about phenibut...yikes!!! I would be panicked in space!!!! I am in California. Clonazolam and tianeptine--I've jotted down these, too. I appreciate you telling me about the possible "feelings" these meds. may give. Yesterday I went out bicycling. Since 1993 I have been bicycling even when I was working. I purposely did not have a car and the exercise has always made a difference. I have always been an outdoors person and still, at age 65, I am active and I don't feel like 65, but when I eventually get home, I have the pain in my back, in my wrists and I have to wait up until two days before I go out. My autoimmune issues also can interfere with my bicycling but I will not give it up. I recommend to all to participate in some form of exercise be it at home if you can't get out, or get on a bike--you won't regret it. I don't like the heat or humidity so when it is cooler like now in Autumn I love it. All of you give me hope and I hope I can do the same.

Hi, Crimson913. I am planning to try the above. I didn't mention this until recently, today, that I even went through all the paperwork to get the CBD oil or cookies because I could not smoke it due to my autoimmune problems. I have never smoked, but I had some lung issues and that is why I stayed away from possibly smoking the "weed." Well, I am allergic to it!!!!!! I had bad itchiness in my throat and throughout my body which had made my anxiety worse. I have allergy issues--even have to carry an EPI-Pen--but never did I imagine it would be marijuana!!!! After all, this is a weed, so I guess it makes sense about an allergic problem. I have asked if anyone has had similar issues. I feel so unfortunate. I have been sidelined with a bad carpal tunnel problem and bicycling, for now, has not been possible. I know I need to rest the hand and wrist, but its the waiting that causes me some anger. Thanks Crimson913.

Crimson913, you recommended phenibut. Have you tried this and if so, which place, online would you recommend or where could I purchase a good product? I am doing my research, however, it isn't easy when one does not "really" know what one will be getting. I have researched a couple of places online. I'd like to know if you know of a good site I could go to. Many thanks.


Oh I'm so sorry you're going through, what a shame. My Dr. has me on Klonopin but I only take it when I feel I really need it. It sure does help me. Have you tried any calming teas? Also taking slow breaths in through your nose then out through your mouth really does help. I understand being in pain, I have a very bad back my own self. I'm here for you. I wish you all the best. Love, peace, light, joy & hugs!

I am sorry that you don’t have needed medication. Why can not you see psychiatrist if you have Medicare ? You really need to have sufficient medication for mental and physical issues. I also have mild lupus and issues with bones and muscles. Hugs to you, you are not alone. I am on lexapro now, it helps with my anxiety.

I too was on Klonopin for many years. I decided that it was time to say good by to my crutch. It was hard to say good bye. For me the psychological effects created much anxiety, no different than quitting street drugs. I later came to realize that the MD that prescribed this medication to me,for so long,was not really helpful. I believe that antidepressants should be used short term also. I feel they too have a psychological dependency.

My doctor did the same thing I was a 2 mg a day and she tool me down to 0.5 mg and said she would be stopping it altogether. I was really sick for a few weeks and then had really bad rebound anxiety. I did end up asking for recommendations on natural remedies (vitamins etc) maybe try that? I also tried to focus on breathing and grounding exercises

Omg going off klonopin is awful. It’s withdrawal and can make you shaky and anxious. Do you want to go off it? You don’t have to! If it’s been helping you, you should stay on it. You can find another doctor to prescribe it. I’m sorry you’re going through stuff 😕 Lots of hugs 🤗

I use liftmode. Been buying for 8 years from them great product. Get large Crystal's and his credit card processor wisely safe guarenteed you will get your product. Read reddit for vendor reviews

Crimson913, thank you. I will check that out and this is very, very helpful. Knowing someone from the community has tried this for several years is welcomed news.

Yes start very low like 250mg and while you will be underwhelmed at this dose it will be beneficial to slowly titrate up from there. Only use it 2 days a week to not get a tolerance. Next time try 350mg etc. Take it before work early with your cuo of coffee since it takes 3 hours to kick in. My sweet spot is 1.5 grams but never add more than 100mg per day to your starting dose of 250mg until you know your dose...everyone is different.

On the other days get some strong kava tincture at HEB or other large grocery stores...its about 20.bucks... our GABA system needs help so gaba agosists kill anxiety albeit not on a level of benzos.

Crimson913, thank you for the recommendation, and the dosage to begin with and not to go beyond a certain amount. I went to the website and I like what I see and read. I plan to start with the sample, large crystals. Are these bitter? How do you take yours? I hope to be able to add some to Gatorade, stir and drink. Your information and recommendation(s) are very helpful. Many thanks.

Yes you can take it and stir in drink or use the "toss and wash" method with a thick drink like milk. I use this same toss and wash method with herbals like kratom and passion flower powders.

Crimson913, today I ordered the phenibut through Liftmode. They look to be a good site with good products. I will be very careful taking this as I have never tried it, however, I am willing to try anything that will help with my anxiety. I will, eventually, let the community know how it affected me. Many thanks.

Talk to your MD about a regime of Taurine and Gaba...it works as a neurotransmitter...i have had great success.

Hello -

This all sounds so familiar to me.

I was on 1 mg of Clonazepam for 5 years when my psychiatrist took me off COLD TURKEY. No warning, just boom, I'm not refilling your prescription anymore. It causes Alzheimer's. I have reported her to the medical board, but haven't heard back from them.

I've been off clonazepam for 10 months and my anxiety is so out of control.

I have chronic back pain from breaking my back. Degenerative disc disease, constant muscle spasms and chronic migraines.

My pain management doctor has me on the Butrans patch 15 mcg per hour, which helps. But not enough. I take topirmate to keep the migraines at bay, but they still come, just not as often. The muscle spasms seem to never go away. I also take cymbalta to help with me back pain.

The muscle spasm medication, tizanidine helps some but makes my mouth dry out so bad I feel like I can't swallow.

I see Gaba mentioned several times. How are you getting Gaba?

Someone told me to take Magnesium L-Threonate to get the Gaba I need.

How much of this do I take? Is there something else You take to get the Gaba from?

I also see something call phenibut mentioned. What is this and what is it for? Does a doctor have to prescribe this?

I looked in to trying to purchase clonazepam, without a doctor's prescription and the cost was $160 for 30 tablets. Crazy! Plus you don't know if you are really getting clonazepam.

I'm 63 and rarely leave my house. I feel for all of you who have been taken off of Clonazepam and your doctor's won't refill your prescription.

I live in California and the DEA has doctors so scared of losing their medical license that they are starting to refuse to refill or prescribe our medications we have taken for years or medication we need.

I too am on Medi-care and there are so many things they refuse to pay for. They act as if the money is coming out of their personal wallets, when in fact, the money comes from OUR taxes.

I pray for all of you who are dealing with anxiety, pain, doctors who don't understand us and won't prescribe the medication we need.

Hang in there everyone. There has to be a way to deal with all of this and at some point I believe if enough of us who are going through this keep at our doctors and our U.S. senators, Represenatives, Assemblymen/women,we will prevail.

My best to all of you.

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