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Relentless anxiety


I am struggling with anxiety and panic attacks. I've had anxiety most of my life. My mother died when I was 9. I have no memories up to the age of 9. My anxiety has caused me miss out a lot in life. I never got involved in anything in high school. I never processed her death. I recently moved to another town to downsize. I know nobody here and regret selling my house. I

2 weeks after,I moved I went into crisis. I felt abandoned and alone which brought up the feelings I had as a child. I know she was sick and suffering. My inner child is very angry and that the cause of my anxiety.

I lost my job cause I missed too many days because,of my anxiety.i need to get out of this whole.

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ebelljae you have my empathy. After going thru a lot of therapy I was able to come to terms with my childhood, I did not loose my Mother but had an abusive and frightening father.

I think I can relate to your anxiety, I have suffered from depression (clinical) and this bout with crippling anxiety. Can you go to a psychiatrist, I know they are expensive, some offer sliding scale fees. You need help, do you have a MD they can often help and have samples of medicine that can help you. I am on Gabapentin, & Viibryd (that one is expensive), I am looking into a program for low income to help supply the med's I need. There are other anxiety med's that can help you. Look for support groups, they are usually free, go on line and look for any help you can find in your local area. Look in the front page of your phone book, it offers services listed.

Which part of the US are you in? Sorry about your job, can you draw unemployment to tide you over, see if you qualify for food stamps, contact social services they may be able to help you.

Talk to us here, we will offer you love and understanding, I send you strength and love. Sprinkle 1.......

ebelljae13 in reply to Sprinkle1

I take gabspentin

It does nothing for me

Haven't found a med that works for me struggling horribly

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