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Anxiety about feeling sick


I just joined. I’ve had a really rough year. My husband has been working away and we only get to see him on weekends. I was coping with being all alone and financial difficulty, extreme, but now I feel like I’m unraveling. I get physically sick and then I get anxiety about getting sick. Even if I just get a feeling of something in my stomach I freak out and panick because I might get naseous and throw up. I completely lose it. I am so scared of being naseous and vomiting.

I feel overwhelmed with all the financial things we have to sort out. My husband started a new business and we had no income for 6 months. I almost went crazy. And I can’t always talk to my husband about it because he is also stressed and is working very hard to get back where we were. I really just need someone for support to chat to when I feel like this.

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I totally relate about being terrified of nausea and vomiting. I don’t know how to help you with it, but I do want you to know you aren’t alone.

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Thanks so much. Sometimes just someone understanding makes it a bit better.

I can completely relate. I am so scared of vomiting or diarrhea. I fear I’ll be hospitalized and that will just snowball out of control so fast. Just yesterday I felt nauseous and immediately went into panic mode. I don’t know how to stop it. I feel for you, truly.

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Thank you fot the reply. Not everyone understands this weird fear. Not even myself. Do you have any coping tips?

You have us. You have this place. I’m a bit miffed that your husband has let you down. New businesses do take time to launch, and the first steps can be scary, so hang in there. This is a time in your life when you are in-between. Usually leads to greatness. Change is inevitable and risks are how successful people move forward. Now is a time for faith. I hope you aren’t separated like this long-term. Sending you friendship and support.

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I appreciate your message! My husband is working 14-16 hours a day to get the situation better. Luckily we will be moving in December so we will be reunited. And I will have my support back. Living seperately makes it difficult to discuss negative things because you don’t want the little time to be full of bad things.


Hi, welcome to the forum. I know the feeling of worrying about finances, I’m currently going through a period of financial hardships too. I had to resign a 90k a year job last August because of anxiety and panic attacks, my only income now is unemployment while I’m doing an unpaid internship. We just got hit with back taxes, collections, student loan debt and a car that we need to get out of but ar extremely underwater and probably can’t get financing since I’m not working and my husband is working part time. It feels overwhelming, but what has helped me is focusing on the joy of my internship. I am excited about this new opportunity. Is there something you can throw yourself into that you can enjoy? Even volunteering will help you get out of your own head and stress and into community. I also believe that God acts and opens up opportunities when we don’t except them or it seems hopeless. Just do the next right thing and take it Day by day.

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It is actually so sad to have to worry about something like money. But thanks for sharing. We had all our vehicles repossessed and lost everything else. We also had break ins on our farm. Luckily we weren’t hurt once. And I know my faith will help me through this as well. Do you have any coping mechanisms when you feel a panick attack coming?

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