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Am I ready for inpatient program


Been on a Roller coaster past few months...along with social anxiety, I’ve also been diagnosed with bipolar...I actually had afew good years since my last “manic”...I’ve been trying so many things but nothing is’s extremely hard for me to talk or reach out in person to people, lately I’ve been scaring myself with different thoughts...I’ve done inpatient programs before over the past 30 years and had some success, but that thought of being committed again scares me because I’ll be out of my comfort zone...does anyone have a suggestion or idea how to bring up the subject and advice maybe what to say or approach I’m feeling very unsafe and unstable...I have a good support system but I’m hiding so much and just don’t know how to approach “hey, I need more help then just medicine right now”...

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Are you talking about approaching your family or doctor or maybe yourself about the subject? I’m sorry, but I’m a little confused!

Hudgins150 in reply to Hidden

Doctor and family...mostly doctor...I want it to be private and without drama

Hudgins150, it sounds like you realize you need that 24/7 support right now in order to get better. I knew when the time had come for me to be admitted in patient. I told my doctor and family that this was my decision. I needed the time to work on myself with support around. Be honest and upfront with yourself. This is your life. Let us know how this all plays out for you. I wish you well. You will be okay in the hospital and most of all you will be safe.

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