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Inpatient Facility for Anxiety? Does it work?


Hey Everyone,

So I’m a 26 year old female. I have had anxiety for about 3 years now. I was recently diagnosed after much confusion and misunderstanding with something called SVT which is a heart issue that makes your heart beat extremely fast which makes sense that I would have anxiety (and I suggest people with anxiety to get that checked out but don’t worry it’s not life threatening) but now that I’ve been given the medicine for the SVT I still have constant panic attacks or general anxiety.

Because of my medical condition along with anxiety it’s been extremely hard to go to work, and even get out the house. I haven’t been to work in a month. I’m considering going to to an inpatient behavioral health facility who can help me with my anxiety on a daily basis. Especially since I feel much more at ease/safe in a medical space. Does anyone have any thoughts about these kinds of things?

I just don’t think therapy cuts it, because the very next stay I still have panic attacks.

Also does anyone ever talk to themselves allot with their anxiety, like convince themselves that they’re fine. Just making sure I’m not the only one lol

I would love some feedback, thanks.

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Outpatient might be better. You’ll have a routine everyday and it’s a really good way of therapy. I did it and loved it. If you go full time, you’ll get a lot out of it. Being in a group where you can share and socialize is very helpful. Inpatient is a little more intense because you can’t go home. And if you’re just dealing with anxiety and not depression or suicidal thoughts, outpatient is probably best. Also, you could try an anxiety medication. That helps me tremendously! I’m glad you shared. I’m here if you ever need to talk hugs 🤗

What exactly goes on during outpatient? I intend to pursue this full time. I have also tried medication, the medication for my heart, propanalol which I take 60mg per day is suppose to help anxiety as well, but for the time being isn’t helping. According to my therapist I’m also mildly depressed but not suicidal. Thank you for your feedback and I look forward to speaking with you more.

What about seeing a psychiatrist? You can get a proper diagnosis and be put on an antidepressant. You might need that. Outpatient is almost like going to school. It’s every weekday for up to 8 hours a day. I think mine was 9-12. But there are 9-5 ones. The counselor leads the group into discussions and going around the room for people to share. There might be homework assignments to be shared in group. It’s a circle of about 10-15 people. If you google outpatient support groups, some should come up in your area. I think it goes for 6 weeks. I’m sure you can go longer if needed. Insurance usually covers it. Let me know what you decide!

I've done inpatient and I wouldn't have recovered as well as I did without it. It can be intense but I credit it with my recovery to a functional level.

Thank you for your feedback!

May I ask where you went? I'm researching "a place of hope" near Seattle WA although I'm in So Cal

I'm east coast

I was told it is nearly impossible to get into an inpatient program unless you are suicidal. I would love to do a full time like wellness treatment center but have yet to ever find one even near me! So glad you were able to.

Elmwoodman in reply to ereaves75

Thanks, keep looking. I’m planning on goin the 3 week in Jan. I changed places due to religious issues in Washington and now planning to go to Arizona. Expenses but hope it’s worth it

HelpWanted92, after I was discovered to have A-Fib, needless to say my anxiety took a turn for the worse. I did ask my doctor for in patient therapy which addressed both the medical and psychological aspect of my anxiety. I liked the structure of the in patient program as well as having 24/7 help available in talking with trained personnel and having programs each day in which to learn and work on our issues.

It was also the time where different medications/dosages were tried in the safety of the unit. When I walked out, I felt more comfortable in understanding my medical condition as well as knowing how to address the psychological. xx

HelpWanted92 in reply to Agora1

How long did you stay in the inpatient program if you don’t mind me asking? And your primary care doctor referred you to the inpatient facility?

Agora1 in reply to HelpWanted92

I stayed in 6 weeks because I was so bad emotionally. Not because of the A-Fib but

because of the trial and error process of finding the right dose and medication to control my anxiety.

I told my psychiatrist that I wanted to be admitted. Once I was on the ward, my internist came as well to see me and order tests for my heart. x

I talk to myself all the time do u take medication for anxiety? I just had to force myself to take half of a Xanax because I had to depend on medication put to night my anxiety is through the roof

rdiersing in reply to Tamka39

Be careful with benzodiazepines like Xanax and Ativan. I went to a detox rehab a few weeks ago to get off of them and I had a seizure the third day I was there. Just a warning. Sucks that every medication has such severe side effects

what benzo were you on? I have been on klonopin for 2 years. I cut it back and went completely off back in March. I did rather well for a few months but then my anxiety got really bad again and I went back on a lower dose. I have again started the weaning process. I just hate being on a benzo. I can tell it is really messing with my memory. I am down to .25mg at night. I know that is a low dose but I am really sensitive to meds. I am afraid to jump off because I am afraid the panic attacks will start up again. Thanks for any help you can give me.

Ativan for four years. But was taking Xanax higher dose than I should’ve been taking

Can you tell me about your experience on xanax?

Xanax makes everything better. Puts me to sleep. Blackout guaranteed if you drink on it. Dangerous and powerful. A quarter of a bar is enough to put me to sleep

How has Ativan worked for you and what dosage?

Only 1-1.5 mg per day. Barely enough to even feel the effect. Lower strength than xanax

Thank you for your feedback I will definitely keep that in mind!

Hidden in reply to rdiersing

Tapering off is the best way to go.

Agora1 in reply to Tamka39

Hi Tamka, I don't know if your question was directed to me, but ironically, not to long after getting out of the hospital, I found Ativan not working for me. The reason being on had been on Xanax for 30 years. So under my doctor's guidance, I slowly and safely was

weaned off all benzos. It took me 2 years because of the length of time I had been on them. As well as another 2 years before my brain healed and got use to making the chemicals naturally.

There is a time for medication and if given responsively by the doctor (not being left on for 30 years) you should be okay. It can offer you some relief while you find other methods that will work for you. x

Tamka39 in reply to Agora1

Am scared to be addictive and be on a long time

Agora1 in reply to Tamka39

I understand Tamka. Doctors are more in touch with mental health drugs then years ago. Trying it for a short time can give you a respite from your symptoms while you go through some therapy and be directed down a better path. Of course, the choice is always between you and your doctor. I wish you well in whatever decision you make. The goal is always about making you feel better while being able to function and have a better quality life. xx

Tamka39 in reply to Agora1

Am ready to be on a better path where I can function better because am ready to go to work and go back to college I just want to be normal and be happy and travel the world 🌎

HelpWanted92 in reply to Tamka39

Well I’m happy I’m not the only one who talks to themselves and when it comes to from what I hear about them “mind altering medications” I try to go a more natural route and just deal with the anxiety myself

Tamka39 in reply to HelpWanted92

I been dealing with anxiety for years on my on now I need help and what u take for anxiety

I can totally relate. My heart races fast all the time and I stay isolated and alone a lot. What is SVT? And what medication are you taking for it?

SVT is a heart condition that rises your heart rate without warning. For some people like myself it goes back down in about 30 min or less but for others an ambulance has to be called and other methods have to be taken to get their heart rate down. I’m trying to get out my comfort zone now. It’s harder to go out during the day because being hot automatically does something to me and something about light effects me. I’m not sure if it’s because of the medication or what. I’m currently taking propranolol 60mg a day and midrodrine because my blood pressure gets low when I take the propranolol.

Oh yeah I take propranolol only like 10 or 20 mg tho

Has the propranolol helped you at all?


Journal what happens right before the attack. Therapy will help, give it time. Need to know trigger and a coping mechanism, first.

I will definitely try to do that.

Inpatient can definitely be a lifesaver for some -- having the constant access to professionals and being able to participate in individual as well as group therapy to learn coping techniques can be really helpful. If you're thinking about it and your insurance would cover it, I'd say go for it. It is intense but sometimes that's just what you need to really figure things out. I think the outpatient that MariaLove123 is talking about is sometimes called a Psychiatric Rehab program or Day program. Those can be good too if they are specifically for anxiety. Having the med issue now with your heart as well as the intense anxiety/panic attacks though you might be better in an inpatient so that you can have both the cardio care as well as the psych. care you need. Research your options and see what you think and those you are close to think is best for you!

Thank you for your feedback! I really appreciate it. I like the idea of having but the cardio and psycho care.

I personally tackle my issues one at a time. I use to have very bad panic attacks, I would hyperventilate and fall on the floor. The rapid heartbeat is common with panic attacks, I never knew there was a name for it. I got to point in my life where I decided I wasn't living, just existing. I read a book called "Don't Panic", and I was originally mad. It had a lot of breathing techniques and DBT / mindfulness techniques. I thought, how can do anything like this when I feel like I am dying! Yet, one night sitting on the floor I started using the techniques, and slowly but surely I got control. I don't have panic attacks anymore, I learned to control it. I found a psychiatrist who treats my depression and I am working with a psychologist to get my anxiety under control, because if I can cope with issues and control that last piece, I will be in good shape. A medicine is suppose to curb your issues well enough so you can learn to deal with them. It is in no way easy, and can take a very long time, but I think it is worth all the hard work I do. As for going inpatient, it might not be what you are expecting. It depends on where you are thinking of going, for how long, and what treatment they offer is the same as your therapist / psychiatrist /psychologist. (whomever you see) If you have a certain place in mind, I suggest you find out what the protocol is for that facility. Good luck!

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