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I despair my fight with bipolar1


Another night of going to bed only to wake with a racing mind almost consumed with anguish a couple of hours has i try to focus on my phone / computer with tv on for back ground effect makes me feel safe if by any chance i feel the tv is on about me i know its a sign my medication not working i feel isolated i dont know anybody else with bipolar1 could do with a friend

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Hello Billie!

I’m also bipolar...try not to focus on your label of being bipolar, but on how you’re feeling right now and how to improve things. There are many, many bipolars out there, they just don’t talk about it much out in the real world. We can speak freely about it here because we’re with like-minded individuals. I only mention it to another if they have just stated that they were bipolar. Instead, try to focus on how you’re feeling and what to do about it rather than your label. It’s ok! Most of us are quite sane the majority of the time! I think you’re in pretty good company! Focus on the solution instead of the problem, my friend!

Billie6307 in reply to Hidden

Thanx for your reply but it didnt help much late nights early mornings not helpiñgj sedatives not really helping

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I regret that my reply didn’t help you. Maybe next time! Have a good weekend!

Thanx for replying im having a erratic morning with lack of sleep mind racing took medication roll on lunch time for next dose hope your ok

Hi lovelysnow hope i didnt scare you off with my rant earlier

That's ok. I just didn't understand all of it!

To answer your questions, I am single, no kids, and have never been married. :)

Im 47 if you dont mind me askiñg are you male or female and how old arè you

May I ask why you want to know?

Just would like to make friends

You must be in bed now im about to take a zolpidem to see if i can sleep night

Nope - not asleep! We are people from all over the world on this site so we have many different bed times. And I'm not always signed on so I might not see posts right away.

Also, if you are looking to make friends, check out others' posts as well. You can comment on them. You could even make a new post asking to be friends with others! Let people know what you're looking for.

We all join this site for various reasons. I joined to receive support and to offer it where I can. But I prefer not to answer some questions I'm asked. It's nothing against anyone - it's nothing against you. It's just a personal preference. Best wishes.

Im in england going on holiday on monday to wales with my eldest daughter for her 30th should be chilled so if you dont mind me asking why do u come on here x

Hi Billie6307. That's awesome. Have a geat trip! My niece's 3rd birthday is the 27th. I'm headed on a trip to see her and my brother soon.

As for why I come on here, like I said in my message to you (you can read it above) I come here to get support and offer support where I can.

Sorry got confused on messages do you live in england

Nope - US.

I was in London when I was about 17 though!

I was diagnosed with bipolar then later changed to cyclothymia (milder form of bipolar). You are not alone. Well wishes to you! 🌳

Thanx hope your doing ok

Thanks, Billie6307. You, too.

Do you live alone have a partner,children,grandchildren im not married engaged mum to 4 30yr old on 29th sept were going to wales on monday for her birthday oldest son 28yrs old in the army youngest son 25yrs old also in the army and youngest daughter 22 yrs old lives with her partner my eldest has 5 children 1 step son youngest son has 1 daughter 6step children i dont know how i find the time to be manic

Hi Billie, if you have been "fighting" this for a while now, it is easy to understand why you are despairing from another night of struggle. I hope the Monday travels and time with your daughter will give you a respite from the struggling! Do you usually enjoy time with your daughter?

Just thought I would check back to see how you are doing today?

Billie6307 in reply to kvolm2016

Sorry for late reply carnt bare going on my phone carnt concentrate sorry hope ur ok hunni

I have the same issues. Would really like to be friends.

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