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without details: just my state at the moment


Something is happening today which i can not elaborate on...but it makes me feel extremely anxious. I was trying to get to the bottom of it: why i feel so anxious.

And i have realized that i am scared to fail...well, not the first time, to disappoint(may be myself mostly)...Don't i know that this not good to think this way. I am trying to talk to myself and tell myself that failing(even if it would happen) is not a crime...that it is not going to kill me to fail...this is not my plan, but it might happen. I should not be afraid of failing, or disappointment.

Please give me some positive words here, dear people, i need them today.

thank you

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morenews, it's okay not to be perfect. We learn through our failures and our disappointments. Believe in yourself and don't try to be what someone else needs and you will achieve the moon and the stars. :) xx

morenews in reply to Agora1

thank you, Agora, very important words for me now...i will be looking at your post ...or may be print it out and put it on a wall for me to look at it all the time. Love, hugs.

So many have the same thought that you do. Just remember that without failure there is no worthy success. Failure is a way that we learn and grow. I also learned in the past that failure is an event. Nothing more. I hope this helps.

morenews in reply to IheartDogs

yes, it does, thank you!

I have a new magnet- falling down is part of life- getting back up is living. I am trying as well. I like what Agora 1 is saying as well. Would you like to vent about what you are afraid of?

morenews in reply to gogogirl

thank you, gogogirl. I am not ready to talk more about details of what i am afraid of. But i will later. Thank you for your support and magnet is a good idea!


Hey there, not sure what's going on but fight the good fight for you! Instead of looking at it like failure maybe look at it & say I tried, winners never quit. You can do this. Feed all the positive thoughts into your mind! I'm here for you, wishing all the best with what you're dealing with! Love, peace, joy, light & hugs!!!

morenews in reply to Hidden

thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i need your words badly. I can not express enough how much it helps.

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I promise you I'm here for you...in the end we only have our word & I mean it from the bottom of my heart! Nothing but the best for you! Have a beautiful day! Love, peace, light, joy & hugs!!!

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