Feeling blue at the moment

I was blessed with a seasonal job that I just started Tuesday, but here it is only Saturday and I called out smh. I'm upset with myself because I probably could've pushed myself but I gave into staying in this bed. Just didn't want to go. My daughter is happy I'm home of course but I'm not. Feeling guilty. I like this company and I wanted to become permanent after the season is over but bc I took off today I lose 1 point. After you lose all 6 points you get terminated bc it's seasonal. Ive worked for this company a few months ago as a permanent employee but I had to quit bc the hours were horrible. I just need help to forgive myself and move on from this feeling.

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  • Hi Where_is_normal, please don't be so hard on yourself and most of all don't feel guilty It's a difficult step for us to make a commitment never knowing what tomorrow will bring. So we must embrace the moments and days we step forward. Having anxiety issues and working is a two fold job. You did good for 4 days. I'm proud of you because I know what it takes to leave your comfort zone. Leave that behind you, enjoy being with your daughter today and feel the comfort her smile and hug will bring to you. :) xx

  • Thank you Agora1, yes I'm learning to not be so hard on myself and yes I sure did put myself out there so I'm just gonna think about that. Oh yea she was happy mommy was home lol.

  • That's the challenge with anxiety, it's viscous cycle. We "disappoint" ourselves and then it increases the anxiety. Give yourself some grace. It's good to push yourself but there will be days when you need to care for yourself. You made the choice to stay home so it was the right one. The more you learn to forgive yourself the less your anxiety will be.

    Praying your job becomes permanent and your anxiety will ease.

  • Thank you kendayMs, yes I have to learn to be more forgiven of myself. But I live where I get questioned bc I've quit many of a jobs. But I don't care anymore because I have to take care of me first. And thank you, I hope so too.

  • I have done this and worse, quitting jobs too much. It leads to increased anxiety for me. I don't want to get out of bed either, and sometimes I just don't. Because of the anxiety and depression I haven't worked since 2014. You are doing better than me. I feel the guilt too. Hope you can regroup and try again.

  • Thanks cb934586; oh yes, so have I! Many jobs! That's why it extra anxiety bc whatever move I make I gotta be questioned why smh. And this week I can't afford to take days off but it's over and done with. I know exactly how you feel. Are you on meds too? Cymbalta has been helping where my other meds fall short. Please don't feel guilty you're doing all you can too.

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