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Depression was prevalent in my young life for longer than what it took to realize that i needed help. Almost a year ago I was diagnosed with mild depression and moderate anxiety. Since then, I was diagnosed with thyroid disease, lost my job and lost a family member. Not the ideal year I'd say, haha. During all of that, I focused on myself, my medical health as well as my mental health. However, through all of that I feel like I have focused so much on my depression that my anxiety has gone from moderate to severe. Every time I come into work I'm afraid of getting fired even though I feel like I do well at my job. I go to the bars with my friends and I feel trapped and unable to enjoy myself. I'm not sure what changed from a year ago but I'm getting very annoyed at all my anxious thoughts.

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Hi there! Are you able to push those thoughts out & think of a happy place or time? I find it helps me out. Feeding negative into our minds breeds more negative & positive feeds more positive. I'm here for you. Love, peace, light, joy & hugs!!! Have a beautiful day!

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I love to over analyze. I do it in every aspect of my life. And parts of that I absolutely love about myself like needing to research before I get myself into something. But to answer your question no, I’m not able to think about other things. I get so fixated on my anxious thoughts that it spirals and I’m not sure how to stop it. Maybe it’s time I go back to therapy.

Sounds like you had a very rough year, I am so sorry! Hang in there and stay positive! All those things that happened this past year already did, and there is really nothing you can do to change it. If you focus too much on the negative possibilities, it will more negatively affect your job. I am glad to hear that you feel you are doing a good job at work, and remind yourself of that regularly and focus on the positive and not too much on your depression and anxiety. Praying for you that this coming year will be better!

Thank you!

It's been a tough year for you. I'm sorry. Have you thought about writing down the positive things that have occurred? You said you are doing a good job at work. Maybe think about focusing on doing well at work. If you are not able to control the anxious thoughts on your own, maybe consider therapy. Maybe a therapist will be able to give you coping strategies. There are many people who have trouble paying their house payment. Have you considered talking to your landlord or the bank about your financial situation? Maybe they would consider working with you to make the payments. There is no guarantee but it doesn't hurt to ask for help. Best wishes. You are in my thoughts.

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