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Feeling helpless

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Last couple of days have been a bit rough for me. Yesterday my boyfriend had the day off, which means he'd be home when I got out of work. I normally take public transportation, but got a ride home from a friend, so i was home like a 1/2hr early. MY boyfriend goes " well why didnt you tell me?, you could have said something", i didnt think it was a big deal. Then today I forgot my medicine at home and had my dad come get me to go get it. My boyfriend assumed i was checking up on him, which is the furthest thing from the truth, i literally was freaking out that i hadn't taken my meds, and did not want to have any panic attacks at work. I get that he is under stress and on edge, he has a child from his ex ( who is due tomorrow) and has not heard anything in 5 months. but it sucks that he is taking out this stress on me.

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I’m sorry you got upset with your boyfriend.

I hope you can talk to him and tell him exactly how you feel. I hope you will better soon.

We are right here and we care for you, please keep posting.

Take care, you are in my prayers.

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Thank you. It is just really hard not being able to get the answers he wants and needs.

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