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I had my beautiful baby girl in July she’s just over a month old.. I am still struggling with my anxiety I still am beating myself down but I’ve been going to therapy and doing better with the depression. I just started work again this week too and even though it’s a lot of bad memories here I can hopefully get my life back on track. I just started talking to someone as well with a beautiful daughter and he’s treating me like I’ve never been broken. Things are starting to look up hopefully..

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awww she is pretty. You can do this. what ever is standing in ur way try to find a way to over come it.

Trying the best too!


I am so happy for you. I was thinking about you yesterday. Your baby girl is a beautiful angel.

Thank you for the update and for sharing her with us.

PM me anytime my friend. :)

Lostandbroken in reply to Hidden

Thank you so much!

what a cutie pie.... awe.... she's gorgeous... and I am so happy your doing work for you in the middle of all this new baby thing going on, your a busy woman... congratulations on all your hard work.... thank you for sharing all of this good news.....a great message of hope.


A I hope so. She’s adorable mommy and it gets better in my opinion cause when they get older they can tell you what’s bothering them!! But that’s just my opinion.

Best of luck to you !!

So happy you are better!

Congrats! PPA is very common and often goes untreated. I'm glad you are going to therapy. Feel free to vent or share your struggles here. It will get better!

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