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September is Suicide Awareness Month


I am #beyondworthy because…

I am beyond worthy because even after everything that has happened in my life, I am still here using my life to love others.

Loving others hasn’t always been the number one desire of my heart. Until I went through the unimaginable, I was not able to see the necessity of love in our world. I was not able to see the necessity of loving others to heal myself.

I am beyond worthy because I am me and there is no other me that exists. Every soul I meet needs my soul, somehow in some way.

I am beyond worthy because I care so much. I care so much about every living soul to the point I forget to care about myself the most. I am ever so slowly learning that this way of being is okay. In a world that pushes self-care down our hearts, my main form of self-care is caring for others. This is a gift I give to our world.

I am beyond worthy because I am alive. Suicide was an option for me four times, but I survived. Finally, regret consumed me the last time I tried. I am alive. I will never take my breath for granted. Feeling an ounce of shame as I begin to type this… The thoughts of death still flirt with me too often. I wish it upon no one. But I am beyond worthy, this I believe, finally, I believe I am beyond worthy of this life and all it can give me. And these two simple words #beyondworthy continue to save me when dark thoughts grab my being. #beyondworhy is a saying of light. My prayer is, any soul who reads those words will use them as a light and power source to turn off their darkness.

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Thank you, MariaLove.

I am beyond worthy...You are beyond worthy....We all are beyond worthy! <3

MariaLove123 in reply to Hidden

Exactly! Thanks Delta 💜 We all need to be extra supportive this month and remember these words 🙏🏼

Hidden in reply to MariaLove123

I love your post....stay strong, my friend. We are here.

Your words hit me so hard. I started crying as I read it aloud to my brother. I have so much love in my heart and it often is darkened by my grief. To see your words touched me and I cry because I too want to love. You are such a good soul and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your post.

MariaLove123 in reply to JenGo

Awww Jen you just made me cry! You’re so sweet. Thank you! You deserve so much love. The darkness can be tough but we have each other and you’re never alone! Talk to me anytime! Lots and lots of love and hugs 🤗❤️😘

JenGo in reply to MariaLove123

Thank you 😌


Thank you, MariaLove for sharing your heart with us today. This gave me tingles. I am so glad that you see your worth, sister. I am proud of you. I love you. <3

MariaLove123 in reply to Hidden

Awww thank you. You are worth it too sister! You’re absolutely amazing. I really appreciate your friendship. I love you too girl ❤️

I was just writing a post about trying trusting and feeling unworthy and the ups and downs on earth and in dreams of heaven. This is really nice to read Maria, it’s encouraging...yet it’s still just so hard for me to feel worthy.

That’s so cool! I love when fate steps in and connects us! You are worthy. You just feel the symptoms of the illness. No one deserves this. Unfortunately we have it, but that doesn’t mean we’re not worthy. We’re import. And most of all we are loved. Xo Star ❤️


Omg!!!! I love love love this!!!

I don't feel worthy at all and always think about suicide but I need to read this every day...

I don't feel worthy even though I've been through hell and back...years and years of emotional and sexual abuse and many others stuff as well and I still got married and have children and built my own very successful business but I still don't feel any trace of worthiness and therefore think about suicide a lot but like you said I need to feel worthy!

I love what you wrote!!!

Awww thanks that means so much. I’m glad you said you need to feel worthy. It’s because you are! We feel awful symptoms of this disease. And I always wonder why we don’t think we deserve anything good or why we think we’re not good people? We are good people! We help others. We feel empathy towards people. We sympathize with others. We don’t judge others. We are loving people who wear our hearts on our sleeves. We could be those people that are just angry with life and don’t care about anyone but ourselves. Some of the personality traits from mental illness are gifts. We also deserve good things. And we should believe that. Again, because we are good people! You deserve your business. You probably worked hard to get here. I’m sorry about your childhood trauma but look at what you accomplished and you should never let the trauma define you! Xo 🤗

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