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WARNING ⚠️ Mushy Post: I Love You All to LIFE!

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This👆🏽... can be difficult to believe for some because you may think how can any love others without knowing them. Well, there’s a basic foundation of Love that I’ve learned exists over the last several years & has filled me, for people like 👉🏽You who deserve to Live the Life you were Designed to Live.

I Love 👉🏽You to a...

~~ LIFE of Love (both for yourself & others, even if it seems lacking from others)

~~ LIFE of Joy

~~ LIFE of Peace

~~ LIFE of Patience (both for yourself & others)

~~ LIFE of Kindness (from you, even if it seems lacking from others)

~~ LIFE of Gentleness (from you, even if it seems lacking from others)

~~ LIFE of Faithfulness (because “Yes, 👉🏽You Can!”)

~~ LIFE of Meekness (for meekness is not weakness)

~~ LIFE of Self-Control (never feeling overpowered by darkness; never feeling a slave to forces that you now struggle with)

~~ LIFE More Abundant! (which includes a LIFE of Wholeness)

I don’t care who you are, what you’ve done, what you believe or think because perhaps you think no one could ever love you in your brokenness, but know I Love You to LIFE! Because you deserve it!

Have a Wonderful Day!

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Awww, thank you, Cornerstone! We love you!!

This is an awesome post cornerstone and I love you too. Message me anytime.

Thank you! & pls feel free to msg me anytime as well!

I believe you, love you too dear sister❤️. Are you a believer in god as I am too? Sounds like you might be. Love is the answer, I feel like a miracle has happened to me. When this depression hit me so hard and so suddenly I was so scared , because I've had depression before; so I immediately reached out to my church family , my close friends and my family for help. I was so low and so desperate there was no room for embarrassment. I had the prayer team pray for me and a few people on call when I got suicidal. I went to the doctors and got medication; which I'm a big believer in now too, because these amazing doctors we have ,have created these medications to help us . I'm pleased to say the deep despair I was in has lifted. It has changed me in good ways i think; I won't take my mental health for granted and I now have what I think of as a first aid kit if I get low again. I've learnt people need people, it's how we're designed and imperative. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Yes, ma’am, Mumma_h!

Yes, I’m a believer & I feel I’m a survivor in many ways because of my faith! I understand what it’s like to be so low, heavy hearted, feeling like no one understands, like there’s nothing left in this world, no reason to live. Nightmares, considering downing sleeping pills, to end it all, that were needed just to get to sleep & try to have a productive day, only to need caffeine to keep wake the next day. It was a horrid cycle that’s now broken. Not that it doesn’t keep trying but it never gets a hold like it did before. It’s been my faith that’s helped to free, & keep me free, from the grips. I am blessed & am here wishing & praying from my heart that you all will be too.

It seems you have been too. Thank you sharing your testimony. Im grateful to see you’ve reached a point of strength & recovery.

I think for those of us who believe, it’s like what Jesus told Peter, Simon, at the time,

“But I have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith will not fail. So when you recover, strengthen the your brothers.” Luke 22:32

Thank you so much for your kind sentiments!

Oh and not forgetting this website; getting encouragement and care from people who ACTUALLY knows what it feels like to be suicidal and know the weight of depression helped tremendously

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Southpark in reply to Mumma_h

It’s wonderful to meet another believer. I also struggle with anxiety and have begged God to heal me or take me. It’s a struggle everyday. My sleep has improved which has been a big thing. But still have the horrible anxiety. There are days I can’t take anymore of this pain and want to end it all. I hope we can encourage each other

Wow! What an amazing inspirational post. Sending lots of love back to you. xx :)

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It was lovely to read this...🌹🌹

Thank you for speaking LIFE over Me...Loves and hugs...Also Im new BUt your post really grabbed me...Thank you

You’re very welcome!

Thank you for a wonderful uplifting post. ♥

You’re very welcome, Catwoman2018!

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