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So I think I might have unintentionally offended a coworker/friend yesterday when I was asked if I wanted to hold her baby and said no.

Don't get me wrong I did want to hold the baby. I was staring at her. She had pretty eyes, but I always get anxious when they get close and I don't want my anxiety to rub off on them.

So instead I said no and I think she felt bad.

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Hi there, I’m guessing the baby was quite young/new? You shouldn’t feel too bad about it because there are a lot of people who would rather not handle babies and it’s okay. My mother in law did not hold her great grandson at all until he was 13 months. Although she has never explained why, my daughter and i figured she just wasn’t comfortable 😋 She said her hands were dirty, she had a cold, she needed to change her clothes etc. lol...all excuses you can use if you would like but you honestly don’t have to. Parents are more understanding than we think. Just want to to know that your choice to not hold someone’s baby is not an offensive. Hope that helps.

Yeah I just got to talk to the mother and just let her know I didn't mean any offenses. My best friend should have known not to ask. She knows I don't touch babies. 😥

That’s a great idea. It really is okay! 😊

Just tell her your nervous holding babies but she's beautiful.


I wouldn’t worry about it! I’m sure you were gracious. She probably didn’t give it a second thought! 👶🏼

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