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Anyone know where to find adult child babysitters to stay with a housebound agoraphobic who can’t stay alone?


Recently turned adult child needs someone to stay in the house so I can work and tend to the other kids needs etc. He can’t stay home alone without panic attacks but is unable to leave the house even with family it’s taking its toll on the other kids as they get older and want to do things but can’t thank u

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I recently posted an “ISO” ad on Facebook Marketplace and was able to find a good home aid for a friend of mine in a matter of only a few days. Because of the nature of Facebook, she turned out to be a friend of a trusted friend and I was able to recommend the aid to the family with confidence.

Thank you

Just checking in- how are you & son? Have you found any help? Sending positive vibes and hope for good solution! ❤️


I was agoraphobic for fourteen years. I never had a problem staying home alone thankfully. What about a dog?

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Thanks for the suggestion we have a dog and cat but they don’t help

My sister (62 yrs of age and autistic) I called Comfortkeepers but you could call your local college and find someone.

I am so sad to read about your poor son. I cannot help about babysitter but felt i had to respond to your post. Has he had any help at all ? I lost so many years of my life through agoraphobia that i hate to think of somebody else doing the same. CBT has proven to be successful for a lot of people. I hear you are very stressed from your post but if you ask your GP if he could get someone to visit him at home for CBT it may help.

Wishing you and your son peace and strength.

Thank you for your caring support I appreciate it

You can message me anytime you need to let off a bit of steam or just need to chat to someone.


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