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need support & maybe a hug

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Today was my last day at my outpatient program. I'll be going to a meeting once a week (IOP meet 3 times a week). I'll also in theory going back to work Tues. I am beyond anxious about it all, my case manager says it's normal... really struggling right now. 😒 Finding hard to keep it together, afraid I'll go back to the dark place & I'll never get better. I know it's in my head... hard see the light. Plus I'm really feeling the anxiety in my body, trying to not freak out about it.

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Mel, congratulation are first in order for completing your outpatient program. It took strength in committing to that. Take those tools that you learned and use them to go forward to work on Tuesday. It's not going to be easy at first but with continued IOP 3 days a week and you believing in yourself, you will be able to do it. The dark place has been left behind. Finding the light comes as you continue going forward.

I believe in you. You know that you have the support of this forum right behind you.

Good Luck my friend, you can and will do this with no what if's or doubts. Love, Agora1 xx

Melbrown, it is normal to feel nervous. I am assuming you have learned some new coping skills in your program. Choose one or two that work the best that you can do at work. Maybe write them down, or put them in your phone. There are also apps that can help you do quick mindfulness and meditation. I have also found that keeping things simple when I am adding to my schedule can help. Buy paper plates so you don't have as many dishes to wash. Don't schedule extra things to do unless they are absolutely necessary. Each day, feed your body a fruit and a vegetable. Schedule down time to rest at night. You can do this!

Hugs to you! You got this!

melbrown, just remember everything you learned and you will do fantastic. I know you can do this!!


((BIG HUGS)) and love, Melbrown. I'm rooting for ya!!


The dark place can’t win this time. You have already beaten it. The anxiety you feel is it’s last gasp last chance try. You are stronger now. You know it’s tactics. You will be victorious!

You will do even better when you return to work Mel! I send you many hugs.

Reach out to us and your love ones of you ever feel like you're going back to that dark place, always reach out Mel, your family loves you and you know all of us here adore you girlie πŸŒ»πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

Best to you amazing Mel!


Mel, you should know I'm always here to support you & give you virtual hugs. I'm so, so sorry that you're going through all of this pain. I feel it too. We can get through this together. Please contact me anytime. Love you. xoxo

You'll do great today, you can do this Mel, deep breaths 🌻🌻

Mel how was your first day back, i need updates sweetie

πŸ˜— loves ... sorry long day... it went okay. Worked with my coworker who is aware what's going on, super supportive. She as far as she knows everyone was unconcerned, no negativity. She said it was my manager who thought to send my birthday package... she maybe she cares in her special way.? A huge shipment came , so lots to keep me busy/distracted. Super tired right now, really feeling it at end of work day. Thank you for checking in on me & everyone being supportive. Lots of love & hugs & 🍫

Agora1 in reply to melbrown

Mel, get some much earned rest.

Goodnight dear friend. You did good. xx

melbrown in reply to Agora1

Big hugs for you sweet Agora1❣ What would we do without you? Glad to have you as a friend, lots of love. Off to bed... work & my anxiety class tomorrow, a long day. Sweet dreams dear oneπŸ’›

I knew you could do it Mel 🌻🌻🌻🌻

Well done so far, you've achieved so much so build on that. I too will get anxious about the future and imagine things will be worse than they are. When I returned to work after a long absence I was dreading it. But they couldn't have been nicer. Try not to focus on the subject of work as you will find yourself imagining things that will make you anxious. Be happy enjoy life

Hi melbrown!!! Sending you virtual hugs, good vibes and best wishes!! :)


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