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A hello

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Hi, I just joined and thought I’d say hello to everyone on here. I wish you all strength and guidance on your recovery journeys. I’m here so I have a space to talk about my emotions.

I have personally been diagnosed depression but anxiety is very prevalent in my family and I do find myself battling that as well.

This depression bout has been brought on by my brother, who emotionally and physically abuses the rest of family and creates havoc. To put some things in context, I am 19 and at the beginning is the year moved away from home to University on the other side of the country. My family was always very close so this was already a big and stressful change but by the time I can home, my brother was placed in a mental institution. He’s now out, but at only 15, does drugs every night, deals on the side, steals and smashes our family possessions. He’s even dipped into my university fund and stolen nearly half of my fees from my mother’s credit card to spend on gaming.

My parents have now split from it all and I feel very helpless to do anything so far way from them. But I think I’m getting better, at one stage I could barely get out of bed or eat but the medication I’m on is making things much better. I still have bad days of panic attacks and crying for hours on end, but I’m looking up for the future.

Just thought I’d share a bit about my story on here. Best wishes to everyone x

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I am so sorry to hear that. It sounds like both you and your brother are in need of help. I hope that your brother soon realizes that what he's doing isn't good. I am here for you if you ever need a friend to talk to. Depression and anxiety is a tough thing to deal with but you are never alone :). I am so sorry about your parents split. You are going through a lot and I wish you all the best. Stay strong my friend xoxo.

Thank you so much for your kind words. I happened to click on your profile and just wanted to let you know I’m also here if you ever need to talk. I appreciate your reply very much x

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I'm so sorry about this ugly mess, I understand your situation all to well. Hopefully your parents will keep space with your brother & he will get the help he needs. I'm here for you wishing you peace of mind. Try to focus on some positive things or places. Love, joy & hugs!!!

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Thank you very much! I will do my absolute best to focus on the positive and that’s a great tip. Thank you! x

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It really does help to look at your positives. Hey I'm here for you, okay? Love, light, peace, joy & hugs just for you!!!

Hey, you, I'm glad you're sharing your story with us. We are all bent and broken, hopefully in a better shape. Depression and anxiety are a constant struggle, there's no magic pill for them, but every now and then things go better. And that makes you appreciate life more and more every day. You are such a tough kid to be able to share your emotions and struggles with us! Depression doesn't just pop up in our minds, it has its roots in constant trauma.It's very good you realized what has brought you here, it took me a really long time to accept my pain and its reasons. Finally, I did and it got better. I discovered I was abused by a cousin when I was 5, put down by my family every time I felt good about myself or achieved something. They were always telling me to keep my mouth shut as they knew better. Finally I started to jump from a relationship to another just to get some attention and my sister was always bullying, me calling me mentally unstable and assuring me no one will want me as a wife. Two years ago I was raped by a guy I met online and that has brought total darkness into my world. I was not going out, I didn't get out of my bed and I was constantly having suicidal thoughts. So family is a dangerous thing, I came to understand that. Our depression and anxiety are the reminder we are hurt, bullied, lied to, despised and, most of all, used. You are an amazing person and I thank you for sharing your story. You made me feel less lonely and I hope I did the same for you. You are not alone. You can talk to me anytime you feel like! 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

Thank you so much for sharing! I really appreciate it beyond words. I’m so sorry about what you went through too. No one deserves that. But you’re absolutely right about depression being a deep seated issue rather than a single incidental occurrence. I’ll definitely try to remember that when I’m trying to recover. Sending lots of love! x

Hey there... thanks for sharing your story... and welcome to this forum. So sorry to hear about the situation at home. I cannot imagine the pain you are going through. But sharing on this platform give you a safe space to talkabout it, so don’t stop putting down your journey each day. It’s a process overcoming the adversity in life daily. Are you taking any medication to help you cope? Praying for you and your family. God bless.....

Thank you for your prayers. I have now gone onto to medication to help me function and try to work properly. Thank you for your support!

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