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A good day


Today is a good day. I woke up tired and instantly began thinking of all of the bills that I’m behind in paying, the very little $ that I have in my bank account, and all of the unanswered texts that I’ve sent to my soon to be ex wife regarding my visitation with my young daughter. Most mornings this is the usual. Then something changed in my overactive mind, I told myself to relax and.... I did. I thought about my father who has been so great to me in my time of need. I thought about my daughter and how proud I am of her and even though she’s not here right now I know that she’s safe and I know that she’s so very loved. I began to feel gratitude for the good things in my life. I am strong. I am smart. I am healthy. I am beautiful. Above all else, I am able to love. I want to share this with all of you who are struggling. I’ve been through hell but these moments are the key to getting better. It’s a great day and I’m so thankful! So very thankful!

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One day at a time, flag you’re feeling well today.

There’s support out there to help with mental health and debt - try MIND mind.org.uk/information-sup...

JenGo thanks for sharing. The Power of Gratitude can take us far. :) xx

thank you for sharing, it is very good for me now to read this, it lifts my spirits.

I wish you to have more days like that !

you know....your right....I've been lickin my wounds all day and just miserable about a situation I'm stuck with and I can't change it...but I can change how I want to deal with it. I was not in a good place, and normally I can snap out of it pretty quick....but last night it started and has lasted all day.....but the day is almost over, and I'm going to sleep, and this person will be gone by this time tomorrow night, hopefully, and my living space will be back to normal...so yeah.....that's a blessing.

JenGo in reply to fauxartist

Stay strong and be good to yourself! Some days are harder than others but you have to be good to you first and foremost. You’re not alone and you are loved

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