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Meeting boyfriends daughter


So tonight, I am going to my boyfriends sisters birthday dinner and I will be meeting his daughter for the first time. We have been dating for three months. She is six years old. How can I be so nervous about meeting a six year old? I know she’s the last key to his heart. I met his best friends and I passed. I met his parents and his sister and I passed with flying colors. She’s the last one I have to meet and she’s the one I am most nervous about probably because she’s the one he loves most in the entire world.

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You got this, girlie! Good luck & happy for you! Make that little girls day!!!! <3

perkofawallflower in reply to Hidden

I hope I do. I am extremely nervous. Funny enough, he accidentally left out a picture we took while on vacation last week and she saw the picture. He said she was like “oh daddy is that your girlfriend? She’s pretty.” So she already knows what I look like. I just hope her and I get along. His sisters two kids like me and they are 12 and 2. The 2 year old doesn’t like people but he warmed up to me right away. So hopefully she likes me too.

just protect your heart around this.....I went through it, still am in a way.....only it was 3 I get along with 2 pretty well.....but the third sees me as a threat, and in the way of her getting all the parents undivided that's been going on for 7 years and I see no immediate change. So I have accepted that as the way it's going to be, and remembered I am with the partner, and it's not my problem if the kid has their own acceptance issues, I can't change that and it's not my fault. I am with my partner to have a life with them, and if I have an okay relationship with the kids....that's great. But I'm not going to let the one ruin our chances at happiness....

Exactly and I told him she might not warm up to me right away because she will think I am trying to steal him away from her. She loves her dad more ham her mom. He’s her favorite person. I will just be me and let her come to me. I am not going to force anything. I will be polite but I won’t push anything or try to be overly nice. It worked with his sisters kids. They really like me.

that's a great idea.....just be yourself...make sure he tells her that you are not trying to replace the mom, and know that she is daddy's little girl. She is very young...remember that....she is just a kid.... and kids do weird things.... your the adult... and yes, you do deserve some respect for being the fathers new partner, but don't expect much. He also should correct any rudeness or bad behavior. You just stay strong....keep your cool no matter what happens. Who knows...she may like you right off the bat....and on you go.

He told me he already had a talk with her. When she saw the picture of us together. He sat her down and told her that I will never replace her mother and that I will not take him away from her. He told me to not be nervous that he has spoken with her several times about me to her and he’s always reassuring her that I will not take him away

you'll do fine worries....

Thanks 🤗🤗🤗🤗

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