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Newbie with issues


Newbie here but for the last two months I’ve been suffering from anxiety. I also had a lot of medical issues during those two months - chest pains, tension headaches, GERD, and breathing problems. Suicide has always been on my mind for quite while ever since I’ve been prescribed these pills. It was like I’m too addicted to them but I’ve taking them. I wanted too, and not to mention I take gemfibrozil to lower my cholesterol but I haven’t been taking that either. I don’t know how I’m still standing, here writing this now but I just don’t want to feel alone on this. I got a supportive family but they don’t understand.

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We are here if you beed us.

Star990 in reply to Nina78

Much appreciated, thank you

I suffer from GERD, Asthma, cluster headaches, i am also suicidal, but no tendencies, just thoughts. I also suffer from anxiety and bi-polar. I can relate to a few things you deal with, and you are never alone, you may feel like it, but there is always someone who knows what you are going through.

Star990 in reply to SoSo23

It sucks doesn’t it? It’s like everyday is just another day of survival. Sick and tired of feeling this way but I do wish you the best and hope you are getting some help. Thank you.

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