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Employment issues...

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So I’m just curious what everyone does for a living? And how well do you manage work and stress related to work? I am unemployed at the moment. I have had 4 jobs within the span of a year and a half. Ive never been fired or anything like that. I’ve been told I’m a good worker and even got promoted within 2 months at my last company, but for some reason I just can’t stay put. I start to feel really good from positive feedback at work and gain tremendous motivation from it. Then I take on too much and before I know it I’m overwhelmed, stressed and unable to stay at my job. I’m also a very independent worker and tend to be more successful when working with minimal supervision. It drives me nuts when I’m being micromanaged. My work performance is actually worse when I have someone standing over my shoulder. I need to work as I am putting financial stress on my husband. I know it stresses him out and I feel terrible that he has to carry my load when I am unable to. I have an Associates Degree, but we all know that even with that you can’t go too far professionally. A Bachelors degree is like the minimum to have a career these days. My husband is giving me his GI bill when he gets home and I am so thankful for that. However.... I have absolutely no idea what I want to do professionally. Like 0 ideas. This is the first time in my life where I’ve been able to slow down, be in a stable environment and have a good support system. I’ve spent a majority of my life taking care of other people and now that I’m here idk what to do.

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Hi. I am a surgical nurse for 26 years and thoroughly enjoy it. I could work every day if I could. I do get stressed out with certain difficult tassk and major responsibilities but I think it teaches me to deal with my home life better. If I can assist in surgery under stress I can do anything.

For job ideas why not think about medical? Front office needs no experience and little for back office, also billing and insurance. It's good money and you can always find work. It's fun and interesting too.

That’s what I’ve done for most of my career. I think the older I’ve gotten the harder it is to sit still like at a front desk. Reception almost killed me. It’s like being chained to a desk and you’d better only have 2 minute bathroom breaks throughout the day.

I currently do research but I’ve been an RN and an EEG tech. I’ve spent 30 years in healthcare and school. I love my career. I stay alive for it.

In the USA we’re becoming a service nation. Tradesmen of all kinds are needed.

In school I went for sociology and had this big plan of being a teacher but at the time that was rough and I didnt have the cash to get my masters so I cut grass which then became a general contractor job which became my own business. Then I sold that and got a job apprenticing to be an airplane mechanic, did that for a while but wanted to move and ended up getting a job fixing nuclear propulsion systems in submarines as a defense contractor, I must interview well. Got bored with that and now I'm a biomedical engineer and have done that for about a year fixing chemisty analyzers.

I've had all sorts of stress but the thing that always helps is remembering you can do whatever you put your mind to you just have to do it.

As for school I agree with above, medical field is the way to go. I've had so many people offer me work since I switched and I've never felt locked into my job with how many opportunities are available in my area to do what I do now just for someone else.

Hi Zeldamarie,

I can relate, sounds like me when I was much younger, but I didn’t become overwhelmed and stressed. I became bored, antsy, and tired of the same thing very quickly. I would always leave a position on very good terms, but always needed to go find something “better.” This was also during a time that I had NO IDEA what I wanted to do.... Any chance you have boredom, or antsy, feelings before the cycle of job self-destruction begins?

Might you consider this possibility to change your mindset? Those who don’t need supervisors, have proven they can regulate their own workflow, and work output, without taking on too much, becoming overwhelmed, and then ultimately having very short-lived successes, and work positions.

Most all positions require you to start at the bottom, and work your way up. Having patience with that can get you to a position not needing supervision. But it does take time.

What do you do well naturally? What kind of marketable skills do you have, or interested in learning? Marketable....being the key word here. Lol.

If you have the skills needed for successful self-employment, you might consider options in owning your own business...? That may address the supervision issue, but wouldn’t help you to try it for a couple months, and then have to quit after becoming overwhelmed. Just some thoughts. Be patient. You will find where you belong.

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