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i give up completely

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so my “bestfriend” literally is on the phone with this guy talking crap about me and she isn’t even doing anything about it. i’m literally sitting here crying and she’s laughing and i want to go home but i can’t. i’m so done with tonight. i just wanna die 😭

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That's horrible. I'm sorry. And I'm sorry to say but that's probably not a true best friend then.

Agree. A true friend would support you and want to see you hurt.


Did you tell your friend how you feel about the situation?

no because she’s still on the phone talking crap about everyone and everything

yeah i know.

I have found through my own life experiences people like you one day and the next week they can’t stand you. Don’t give up on your friend. Sometimes people make mistakes. Friendships have ups and downs. It’s when you are able to reconcile with each other that is the mark of true friendship, and a even deepening of the relationship itself.

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yeah. thankyou so much!

Have you been depressed for a long time? If your friend knows why you are sitting there crying and she is laughing at you, talk to her and let her know it is upsetting you. Why did you say you can't leave? If your friend knows you have depression &/or anxiety, what she is doing is hurting you, and if she thinks it's funny to talk about you it might be good for you not to be there. It is not going to help you being around someone who does not seem to care. She can see you crying and she continues to make fun of you to someone. I know it is hard to find friends but she isn't acting like your friend. I lost all my friends because I don't want to go out in public, so I basically just disappeared from them. I can talk on the phone but always have to make an excuse if they want to go somewhere. I also had friends and family who don't understand what I am depressed about. It is hard to teach them why I feel down, but they think it is because I want this, and just lazy. They think it's been years now,I am on meds, and have gone to therapy. I end up just wanting to stop hearing them so I go to my room. What they are saying to me is not helping it only makes me depressed more for being me. So if you can't get your friend to stop making fun of you then let her go. If u want someone to talk to vent you can write me. I have nothing else to do and finding someone who understands helps me sometimes. Take care.

Hey Ashton, just checking on you. I wanna make sure you're okay, pretty girl. xo.

Hi Sarah I'm sorry how you feel if you have a crap night not sleeping can affect you all day I struggle most days due to the lack of sleep . Do you attend your doctor if you do has he priscribed you anything to help you. If not it might be time to go back and ask him to help you and just maybe things will look up I I wish you all the best !

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