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I want to give up today ugh

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Having one of those days where it feels like everything is caving in and I want to jump ship and abandon everything and just stay in bed for like a week. What do you do when you feel like this?

My therapist has been out of town for two weeks, I have an intense intake with my psychiatrist today, and last night I had some serious self-harm struggles. I ended up being able to resist but it was a bad episode. Also yesterday I had to help a friend through a tough conversation.

I just feel so overwhelmed, overworked, and I have nothing left to give. I want to go home and take some time off. But I don't really think that's possible because I'm currently training someone and Friday's are the busiest days for me. So I can't do that tomorrow either.

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Well I believe your health is more important than your job, sometimes you have to make that choice to put your health first. Considering last night you almost really hurt yourself, it’s very important you see a doctor and be treated. If you need to go to the hospital, you may need to be admitted for a few days. Is there someone in your family that supports you that you can open up to about how bad last night was?

Hi, I know how you feel very well, just want to press pause on life. That said it sounds as though you have been a good support to a friend and I am sure they will be grateful to you. Really well done to you for being kind to yourself and not harming. If you can't take tomorrow off then perhaps you could do something nice just for yourself tonight. Talk to a friend, watch a film , go for a walk ( although I think too much when walking!!! ) I am sure the person you are training tomorrow will appreciate the time you are giving to help them and passing on your knowledge. Take care of yourself and know that this will pass .

Honestly, when I feel like that I get up and do something that I really don’t want to do that needs to be done! Feeling like I want to abandon ship is a bad place for me. “Action” has become one of my favorite words! 🌷🌞🌷

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That is a great way to make sure your mind stays focused, so good luck, you sure sound like you've got it sorted.

when you are home, do everything you can to comfort yourself....no phone, or additional work if you can help it. bath, shower, comfy cloths and comfort food, popcorn, etc....watch a movie or shows you like and tune out the world....mental enema....then plan the same thing for the first day you have off.....turn off the world and recharge your batteries....what's important is that your recharged and relaxed....work is work, so leave it at the door when you come home, and let friends who are needing know that you care and are sorry, but you don't have it to give right now....and they will understand....

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