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Having a hard time


I have really bad depression and anxiety. Moved to Kentucky in January, gained 20 pounds, switched medications, and see a therapist. Just got over having continuous panic attacks but I am realizing that I am still having a hard time. My husband is constantly traveling, I have a hard time making friends, let alone meeting people, and I cannot stop myself from eating. I just need someone to talk to I believe or something. Not really sure anymore. I just definitely have a hard time to even get out except to go to work and come home....

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I am so sorry about that. We are your friends here. You are not alone, my anxiety often makes me feel uncomfortable talking to strangers too. Is there anything, in particular, that's troubling your mind right now? Stay strong friend xoxo.

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Thank you, I guess I am just having a hard time being alone. I didn't think I was alone at first but I think I am realizing that not having someone to talk to or even just hang out with is getting to me :/

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You are free and welcome to talk to us here :). You are never alone on this site!

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Thanks, I just wish I knew how to actually talk(if you understand that)


Loneliness is hard for us all sometimes. This is the place to find comfort. 🙏🏼

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Thank you, I appreciate it

Hi Suzzie,

Loneliness stinks! A lot of us have experienced or are experiencing it this very moment. I had one of those nights last night. I was suddenly overcome with an overwhelming sadness and just wanted someone to sit with and tell me it was going to be okay. I cried for a bit then ate a bowl of ice cream with my 3 little doggies on my lap while watching Big Brother and came here for much needed comfort. The storm finally passed.

We are all friends here and you are never alone. This is a great group and you will find peace, support, encouragement, comfort, and friendship here.

I hope you are feeling better and having a good night.


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Thank you Eileen. I hate that my loneliness causes me to overeat and then that sends me spiraling down as well because the I'm ashamed. Sometimes I just want someone to talk to as well instead of talking to myself! But I think I'm doing better... Its just new to me realizing that I am lonely.

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Food is a very common comfort for many. It seems we fall into either overeating or not being able to eat at all when dealing with depression/anxiety/feeling alone. Please don’t be ashamed of yourself. You are trying to comfort yourself and coming here was a great step. You seem very aware of what you find acceptable in terms of your eating habits and no one here is going to judge you. We just want to comfort and uplift you.

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Thanks..I really appreciate it

Hi Suzzie33, I am so sorry you are struggling. I am glad you have reached out on this forum. Everyone here understands the struggles with anxiety and depression. I am glad you are seeing a therapist and taking medication to help. Know you are not alone you have friends here who love, care, and want to support you.

Did have friends where you lived before you moved? Do you keep in touch with them? I move often and know it is hard to make new friends. I look for groups in activities that I enjoy, like dancing, and going to a gym. Exercise is a great way to help yourself physically and mentally. Here is an article about how exercise can help. bit.ly/2nuav0S

Also, instead of reaching to food for comfort, you might find exercise helps comfort and is good for your body and mind, especially classes. Often too someone will stir up a conversation and that helps not feel alone.

I will be praying for you. Please keep in touch and lets us know how you are doing.

Lots of hugs!

I also moved to KY, leaving friends and family many miles away. My husband travelled for work as well. It takes time to meet people, I haven't done well but I don't work and we share a car so when he's away I'm housebound. If you can, find some groups that meet regularly; book clubs or similar. Take a class. Get a schedule for the boring stuff... if you get groceries every tuesday evening, the same people will see you and it'll make it easier to start conversations.

Just seeing how you are feeling this week :) My prayers have been with you. Hugs!

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