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Is there hope of ever not having a panic attack?


I have been suffering from panic attacks for nearly 2 years now. Before that i have had some anxiety but always got through it quickly. After having my youngest son i have been prone to panic attacks, not anxiety attacks. They come on so fast its like hitting a switch. My doctor, after switching doctors put me on cymbalta 60mg per day, and while it helped for a long time, it hasn't been working as of late. I have 3 children and am a stay at home mom, as my husband and i both are beginning to believe that i may never recover from these attacks. I no longer drive for that exact reason, which is frustrating and debilitating because my husband is a coast to coast truck driver and isn't home much. I am thankful that my sister lives close and can sometimes drive me places when needed but it isn't always when i need to. I have been through mri's with a neurologist and done heart testing, as well as a full blood test and none of them come back with anything. I thought i was loosing my mind at first, and was looking at every possible angle to try and figure the cause to no avail. I had to know for myself i guess that i wasn't going crazy. My concern is the long term effects of medication, if i take my cymbalta i am tired all the time, and get horrible stomach pains however they are short lived an hour max, if i don't take it i am happy and awake as normal. That being said the panic attacks are more often when i don't take it, but still there when i do though they are less often. I guess my curiousity is how does everyone else cope?

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The book "Hope and Help for Your Nerves" by Dr. Claire Weekes deals with panic attacks and how to cope with them. You can also watch videos of her on YouTube for free.

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Absolutely you can have hope to never have a panic attack again! I have a friend who told me countless stories of how bad her attacks were, much worse than mine, and she does not get them anymore. I also used to get them pretty frequently but they have subsided and I can't recall the last time I had one. Keep working in therapy and perhaps you can look forward to never having one again as well!

Thank you

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