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Feeling high then feeling low


I had a great weekend with the family get together and now I feel very alone and depressed. I am overwhelmed by all the things that didn't get done around the house and in my life.

One minute I was feeling good and now I'm alone in this big ol house depressed, I don't know why I can't stay in the middle and be at peace.

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I be feeling the same way sometimes I jus find away to sit and listen to music and try to think of things that make me happy

When I do that I usually end up crying

I can’t let anxiety and depression get the of u


I think I need a good night sleep but I don't know how, even my dreams are getting stressful. I woke myself up cause I was yelling and crying in my dream and it's starting to scare me. I have a list of overwhelming problems and most of them are just everyday things that need to be done but some of them are life changing things that make me feel depressed.

I had a nervous breakdown last week but I'm trying to get better

How are you doing baby girl

I’m fine right no at the moment but earlier I had a breakdown cuz anxiety was trying to get the best of me just out of the blue and I’m just so tired of dealing I jus wish things were different I’m new to this group

I know how you feel baby girl, there are a lot of good people here on this site and it is good to be able to talk to someone when we need to. I feel it to be good to get it out a lot of the times .life is hard and we all need some one to care about us. I know I do.

Baby girl I hurt because my heart is full of love and I have no one to share it with. I hurt because I feel lost but I am trying to find myself again and remember who I was and what I can be.

I wish there was a magic pill that would fix everything but we can only fix ourselves .

I kno the feeling for a long time I didn’t kno wat anxiety was didn’t kno I had it so I use to have these weird thoughts in my head and I never knew y I had these thoughts, I thought I was crazy just a few years ago I learned about it and realized I have it, i dnt want to go to the doctor and take meds because I kno how to control it but sometimes I feel like it’s get worse it’s Get overwhelmed at times

I woke up in pain today. My heart hurts and my head hurts. I can only move forward with my day and hope for the best.

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