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Feeling Low


I'm feeling super low today. My life just seems hopeless. I don't see a good future for my husband and I. We fight all the time. We live in a tiny run down house in need of repair. My husband can't fix anything and I don't have enough money to hire anyone. I have to drive 45 minutes to work back and forth while I send my daughter to daycare, which I hate doing. I hate my life and I don't think it will ever get better. I feel like giving up. I am depressed, but its probably because my life sucks. Maybe if I didn't have this life I wouldn't be depressed or have anxiety.

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Hopelessness is due to depression and anxiety. But also due to your situation as you have already noticed. You've lost your faith and what I wrote to you didn't help you. Did you try to check out anything on the list I gave you? Did anything lift your spirits or help you get control of your life? Are you being treated for your depression or anxiety?

I am going to therapy and I am on a low dose of Zoloft. It has helped some. I am working on CBT with my therapist and I am hoping this helps. Daily exercise has helped some. I still feel hopeless at times about my life situation. I don’t know how to get myself out of the mess.

are you taking any meds? Is your husband willing to go to therapy with you, to work on your issues?

sorry just saw you take Zoloft, maybe you need adjustment to them.

I am on a low dose of Zoloft. I am taking 25mg and it seems to be helping. My husband is looking into therapy for himself. He has A.D.D. That is part of our issues. He is always in another world. He has problems moving up at work. Before we had the baby our goal was for him to move up and for me to eventually stay home and have more kids, but that never happened. Our daughter is turning three. We can’t afford for me to stay home or have more children. I know I hold a lot of resentment towards him for that and it is the main root of my depression.

I understand, my husband almost died last year 2/22 and spent 5 months in the hospital. When he came home I got worse, he is still on crutches and isn't going to get better only worse. We just started marriage counseling 3 weeks ago and I know it takes time but every time I look at him, I get very sad. I understand your frustration, enjoy the hell out of your little girl, my boys are7&11 and I really don't know if I would be here without them.

Wow, I am so sorry to hear that. Thanks for replying, just talking to someone makes things a little better. I don’t think I would be here without my daughter either. She keeps me going.

it does help to talk to someone else that understands, none of my friends really do. Keep up the good work.


I could relate to a lot of your posts at different times in my life. It is very frustrating & depressing to feel helpless, powerless & just be in a situation that is miserable & you have no desire to be in. It is made that much more difficult because there is a husband & especially a young child.

It is quite obvious you are overwhelmed & rightly so.

Your situation is going to take baby steps, swallowing your pride & reaching out for help all kinds of help & all the help you can get.

Your husband & you will have to put your heads together & become allies mainly for the well being of your child.

Look at your current situation formulate a chart month by month saying we want to be here by this date.

Research non profits, churches, shelters that offer free counseling, referrals, just someone to talk to. The city, county, province you live in will have a website & there should be organizations.

I know you feel overwhelmed & navigating through all this is exhausting but it's worth it for you to have a better life & your child deserves better.

Things might not seem like they'll get better but in time they will & one day you can look back with pride & strength & know you changed your circumstances.

Lack of finances cause stress, fear, worry which in turn cause anger & fighting. Explain to your husband any hope of moving up will mean you have to put your resentments & differences aside and work together you owe that much to yourselves & your child. You deserve to have a good life & to be happy. Best of luck to you.

how's it going?

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