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Not your place to say


Today I went to the doctor cause I wasn't officially diagnosed with anxiety. The doctor told me she wanted to me to go to counseling because it would benefit me. I dont want to go. I'm one of those people that hate asking for help and hate to talk to other people about my problems. I dont want people to look at me like I'm some charity case. And now my mom is telling people such as her boyfriend(who I hate) and my grandparents. This day needs to end.

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They don't look at you like that,most people feel the same when they go because they avoid asking for help or accepting it when just offered that's why things gather up and weigh us down ,it can help though,best of luck.

If you don't want to go, don't. You need to want to speak and receive the help that is offered. Years ago my mom forced me to see a counselor. I didn't speak unless it was to answer a question and even then I answered untruthfully. This year I sought help. I was willing to speak to someone. Not dragging my feet has made a difference but it took me some time.

I have to agree with your doctor that counselling is the way forward. No one can force you though if you refuse but it would be a pity to waste any chance to start to change your life for the better.

Have you tried the self help route? Have a look at mindfulness, meditation, and yoga etc. x

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I agree with hypercat. The first step is always the hardest, yet in the end you could really benefit from it. When there is help out there , go & grab it, you deserve to be happy & have peace of mind! Wishing you all the best!!! xxx

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