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Why do I feel anxious all of a sudden on sertraline? Plz


I’m on clomipramine for ocd and have been on that for nearly two years which I have no issue with,my doctor added sertraline for the anxiety which has been doing the trick for at least 8 months and I’m now at 150mg, however all of a sudden it seems to have stopped working, I’ve been feeling anxiety every day for the past 2 weeks I’m not particularly anxious about anything it’s just the physical symptoms of anxiety I am getting and it’s making me feel really down, the anxiety is coming on in waves throughout the day and then stopping and then starting again, does anyone know why this is happening? My ocd is also under control through hard work and therapy, I’m at a loose end to why I’m like this, the physical symptoms are sweating, shaking, racing thoughts, panic, irritable, ears ringing, churning stomach. Any advice?

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