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a mad day

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so today was a bad day.

my partner and i had been hopelessely looking for a job for him and we found it difficult to stay with his mum. we decided we would go and visit/stay with my mum for a while. everything was okay when it was just us but today we argued and he scared my mum so much that he had to leave. he was pushing me and wouldn't stop or calm when i was generally having an okay day. anyway, i feel a bit lost without him as its been a whole year weve not been apart. i keep crying and i'm struggling to eat. how can i keep myself calm? i feel like i can't live without him.

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Artistmouse, you sweet person. It sounds like you are caught up in a relationship with an abusive man. He is pushing you physically and scaring your mother. Even his own mother doesn't seem to want him around.

I know you are hurting and that you feel you can't live without him. You may feel that no other man will love you or that you just keep doing things wrong to make him act this way; if you only get it right, he will stop. The truth is, he needs help and will not stop until he gets it.

As much as you feel you love him, I encourage you to call your local crisis line or women's center to find out about resources for abused women. You deserve to be treated with love and respect. No man should push you or scare your mother.

I send you warm wishes for happiness in the future. Meanwhile, dear friend, dig deep into your soul and find that strong place that knows this isn't right.

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AZ1970 in reply to Windy101

Well said Windy101. I agree.

You sound like you are in a lot of distress. My husband and I went through him being out of work for 7 months. It is very stressful. That said, physical abuse is never ok. He cannot be putting his hands on you. Take some time for yourself. Love on yourself and do something you enjoy. Time away can be healthy and help everyone decide what they need to do differently.

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