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Does the battle ever end?!


I'm 23 but I feel like an old woman. I've been struggling with anxiety since my second year in high school and its like a beast k can't seem to beat. I've been on several medications but nothing seems to work. I feel like a burden to my fiance because he doesn't understand my attacks and gets very frustrated with me. Here lately I just feel alone and I'm wondering if there is ever a way to beat this. Because to be honest most of my days feel like a battle anymore. I wanna be a happier person for my family. But I just feel so lost.

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Hi lizzy just saying hello wish you a peaceful weekend 🧘🏻‍♂️🌞

Hello Lizzy, I actually am quite old n have suffered from depression anxiety for half of my life. I've not found a Magic wand or Pill or Spell, to take it away but, I have found that it is possible to live a reasonably content life. I paint, do Crafts, go for long walks, Swim n try to take care of myself, health wise. If I can't sleep I listen to online hypnosis of Jason Stephenson or Micheal Seally both are very soothing. I try not to do things that would upset me. I don't visit Cities or Crowded places and I try to avoid loud people and confrontation. Non sufferers don't really understand and so apart from on here, I don't tell them. In this way I have learned to live with it. I hope you find what enables you to live with it. Best wishes 😊✌️🌻

I love this reply! It’s amazing how you made your life ! I’m so astonished! You are an awesome example to all of us! It means that it’s possible to go through it and actually make the living. I’m really really happy to see this post! Big congratulations!

I'm happy to help. Orange blossom. N it is true. Took me a long, long time, to find what helped, but it really does work. 👍😊✌️

It’s very very very amazing

We're in such similar situations so if you ever need to talk I'm always here to relate and hopefully help you feel less alone! My opinion is there's never a way to beat anxiety - it's part of who you are and you should accept it. My boyfriend and I have been dating for over two years and he got really frustrated at first as well, but I think once you explain and bring him into your reality, he'll eventually accept it, too. Send him articles about anxiety you relate to, if you go to therapy, tell him what you worked on. Things get better if you don't give up!

hi Lizzy, don't give up, am certain you will find the medication that can help you fight over anxiety. just keep fighting it until you overcome it alright. remember try to be strong too. <3

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