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Question and Introduction

First, let me say hello and thank you to whomever is on here. I have been in search of support and this seems to be a trustworthy venue. I am severely depressed and my family just did something like a 'mental intervention' and brought me to a clinic. Long story short, I'm depressed (no shocker there) and they wanted to check me into a clinic. I have no severe mental illness, but am in a dark place and have been going on 2 years without being able to find work. I'm was/am a successful and intelligent person who finds herself out of answers. Anyone have any thoughts, suggestions, comments for me? I could really use some ears. Many thanks for the support.

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Hiya and welcome,there are some good people on here for you🙋🏻‍♂️


very good to know, thank you!



It must be really hard to look for 2 years ...and keep going, no wonder you are depressed. I am also looking for a job, was on a small project which ended abruptly without warning (all 7 people on a project were let go, it was not our fault at all, just project had to stop for a specific reason not connected to our performance). But i was not prepared that it would stop just like that and it got me into depression and anxiety state.

What is it you are looking for, which field, if you don't mind me asking, and why, you think, it is so difficult to find a job in your case.

I am trying to take one day at a time, have some plan and trying to follow it, learn new skills ...but i don't have yet such long period without work, so i am not sure my advice would be helpful. But in any case you have to take care of yourself first of all, whatever helps you : walks, exercises, good diet, friends, music. And clinic and professionals there might be a great help and show you the way out of this dark place.

here is a great group of people who know how it is to fight those demons, and you get a lot of support here. It was a great place for me so far. Hugs and support from me to you.


thank you, I have never been out of work this long, I have a few part time things going on but for some odd reason I can't find full time work. i'm in the education field, specifically I had been working in the national non profit sector, I have a ton of skills and abilities and finding it so frustrating to get 'overqualified' on practically everything I apply to. my family is convinced in need to go on meds, which make me sick. I have applied to almost every sector and do have a daily schedule. I go to yoga every day, get up at 5, have a to do list, but it's gotten to me. i'm genuinely scared and can't help but think something is wrong with me, ya know?


Don't be scared and don't be afraid of medication either. I was taking lexapro many times for months and i did not get addicted or anything. Now i am not taking anything, i am managing. It is temporarily how you feel, but it needs attention, and it is ok to have therapy and meds, it would help.

It would give you energy and may be new ideas with job search as well when you feel stronger. When we are depressed we don't have resources to come up with solutions and figure out why something is happening.

In my case with job it is also age issue (i feel this way) and the fact that i am looking for something which i was not doing for some time(i want to go back to that field). I dn't want to do what i was doing recently for many years because it is too much stress ...i have my limits.

But please don't think "something is wrong with me", look how many of us here who have those issues : depression and anxiety. It is difficult to live with those, but you learn coping skills, you get support, you get help and you will feel better and happy. I promise.


thank you, this does help. i'm not afraid of medicine, I can't take it due to various other conditions which conflict with these types of meds. they literally make me sick. i'm scared I won't get out of this and i'll sink deeper. it is good to know i'm not the only one who has these issues, not that I wish it on others. I understand where you're coming from, as I too, think it might be my age and getting back to something you previously did. some jobs are not worth the stress, you can't do anything without your health.

and, as I type this, two more rejections just came in via email!


it is touch: rejections...

I hope it is possible to find medication which would not be in conflict with other meds?


that requires time to test each one, give it time and what not. I have a very sensitive stomach and everything affects it, which then leaves me unable to do anything. double edged sword.

yeah, rejection after's hard not for it to get to you.

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Hello and Welcome!

I gather that your family cares very deeply for you and your well-being! That’s awesome! Hopefully you will get some much-needed help at the clinic. The job market is tough, especially for people who are older, but not too old! I don’t know how old you are, but I have seen and experienced this. We can put our depression into remission with working on ourselves, medication, therapy, spirituality (if you are spiritual), and positivity. I’m wishing you peace of mind!


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