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I hit bottom


Hello all,

Hopefully I am posting in the right area... as i am new here and doing this all on my phone.

I am currently single, and suffering from anxiety and depression. The last year has been very traumatic for me. My dad got diagnosed with cancer, I ended a 3 year relationship because it wasnt going anywhere. Got into another relationship pretty quickly after that. He ended up getting physical with me after 6 months. I had no choice to leave.

Fast forward 4 months.... I'm alone, traumatized, scared, no friends, my mind is constantly racing. I got the help I needed finally and am seeking counseling. But that is not helping the loneliness that I'm feeling. I feel like I'm stuck and cant find my way out.

I'm not sure where to turn to when I need people to talk to and have no one.

Thanks in advance for listening.

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Welcome Molly!

You have found the right group. Thank you for being brave, sharing your story, and joining us.

You are not alone. This is a very supportive, caring, understanding group of people here. For many of us, this our safe place to let it all out without fear of judgement or rejection. We share our ups and catch each other in our darkest downs.

I’m sorry you are faced with so much all at once. Sometimes life hits us sideways and we feel we can’t bare the pain and fear a second longer. I promise you there is hope and much better days to come. I know from experience.

Make yourself at home here and reach out to us anytime.


Thank you for responding. It does sound like this is a great group for support.

I'm hoping to meet some new long lasting friends here

Welcome to the site. Loneliness is hard. I am a full time single dad and even though I have a daughter, i feel the same way. I miss adult conversation. I'm hear to listen if you need.

Thank you Marshall, I am sure I will have a lot more to post. It's a daily battle for me

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I knew there was something special about you Marshall...

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That is nice of you to say but I don't feel that way. You on the other hand take a lot of time and offer a lot of good advice to many people on this forum. Very helpful. 😊

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I was actually referring to your most important role in life, and that’s being a single, full-time Dad! ❤️❤️ Thanks for the vote of confidence, but you know that my advice comes from above!

Hi MollyBear22!

My son just ended a six year relationship and he was married to her for less than a year.

He’s so lonely and he goes to places I think he shouldn’t go to such as a casino or Hooters where they all know his name.

He is seeing a therapist, he pushes himself to get the gym and he also does volunteer work.

He has started dating because he don’t want to be lonely.

So I think maybe when you have free time, do things for you. Fun things. Maybe hiking, exercising, journaling or make crafts. There is always something on YouTube.

Hang in there and I’m here if you need to chat. This group is very supportive! Take care of you.


Well my goodness you sure have been through alot! It's understandable to feel like you do, it's not a plate but a platter or should we say buffet? You have to put yourself first in life, do what is best for you! I know what it's like to have no friends & feel alone, I'm right where you are there! I'm here for you wishing you the best! Here's some joy for you!!! Big hgus!!! XXX

So sorry about your dad. How is he doing/

Thanks for that gogogirl!

It's a rough battle with my dad. We found out before xmas he has cancer. Hes already gone through first round of chemo and radiation. He had surgery and they removed his rectum and now he has a colostomy bag (non reversible). Very new experience for us all! Surgery went well and now almost all the cancer is gone! Hes doing his second round of chemo now and it's making him extremely sick.

He is getting better day by day, but it has really put his life out of whack. He was forced to retire early and can no longer do the things he use to. Given time, that will all come back. He did slip into depression (which he already has) after all of this. It traumatized him and hes almost having the same issues as me. He cant bare to see cancer commercials on tv or even talk about cancer. We are working to get him help to talk to someone. Hes a stubborn man, which is kinda why this all happened. He never went to the doc until it was almost too late. But trying to get him to talk with a counselor will be a big step and good for him.

It's been a big adjustment and a roller coaster for my whole family, but at least I still have my dad! 💜

Thank you so much for asking about him 😊

I did forget to add that during this process with my dad.... his depression is so bad... or at least his state of mind.... that hes told me he wants to die (several times). He wants to quit taking his meds and give up. Its extremely hard to hear my father say that when he is my world. So being around that is also affecting me...

So.... the positive thing is that you have your dad thank goodness , but due to cancer treatments and his quality of life with the bag it's been a very rough ride for him and you his family. Sorry to hear that- especially when he and you are so close. Hearing him say that he wants to give up must be so hard. My parents passed decades ago so I understand what loss is. Thank goodness he has you by his side. Also welcome to the group- you are courageous to share your story. Please keep coming, and also I hope you also find a group for families of those who have this dreadful disease ; cancer.

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