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hello. i missed you!


hi guys! ive been gone over two months i think. i just went through a 5 year relationship and we broke up about 2 months ago.. ive just been going through the motions, moved, got with someone new and then ended up single again. right now it feels good to focus on me and what i need. i hope all of my friends are doing good and i hope to talk to all of you soon!!

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Good to see you back on this site.😊 Sorry things didn't work out with your partner. Like you said, you can use this time to focus on yourself.

hey!! pm me!

Welcome back !!! I wasn't here when you left so I hope we can become firm friends.

Sounds like you've really been through it so I am glad that you are concentrating on you now.

Shadow x

thanks so much and of course! i can always use more friends haha!!


Focusing on yourself is the best thing you can do right now. You can learn about yourself all over again.

lil_avocado in reply to Hidden

and thats exactly what im doing! it feels great to finally LOVE myself! never knew that was possible!

hey , just found your account ! if you need to talk im here for you uwu

lil_avocado in reply to todoroki

thanks honey!! i messaged you back!

Hello. Nice to meet you. I'm always looking for new friends. How are you?

lil_avocado in reply to aaronm

same here!! im good. wbu? you can always message me!

aaronm in reply to lil_avocado

I'm good.

i know that losing a relationship hurts I just lost a relationship for 10 years which I though I woulsspend my life with, your young and you will find your love for me because of my medical conditions I will be alone and I don't want to be so I understand your pain

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