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Sorry this is late!!! Here is my update!


Okay, so I realize the weekends are harder for me to post because I'm not sitting at my desk at work lol. However, I want to do my due diligence and report my updates! So let's start with Friday!

Friday evening I allowed myself a can of soda with dinner since I figured I would be up a bit later than normal. I still took my 2 hydroxezine when I got home because I could feel my nerves buzzing slightly. I also kept staying out of my bed trying to keep that solely for sleep. I turned on my television to a different show, not the office as I normally go to. I tend to feel nervous about having a panic attack but of course they say "Don't be afraid of your next panic attack." How the heck can someone even do that?! Anyway, so I made my chamomile tea and sure enough, I was able to fall asleep without too much trouble. Oddly enough, I tend to feel slightly nervous before I somehow fall asleep.

Saturday morning: So I woke up at 2pm. I normally sleep late on the weekends because what I do for employment usually tires me out emotionally and mentally (being hypersensitive doesn't help). I actually felt pretty good! I allowed myself my morning (afternoon) energy drink and perhaps a can of soda in the later evening. Again, I took my 2 hydroxezine and stayed away from my bed. I fell asleep pretty easily however I was up a few times that night because I also take Lithium, Venlafaxine (effexor) and Quetiapine and they can make me parched so if I don't have a gatorade near me I tend to have to get up for milk. (I also drink the G2 gatorade that is lower in sugar and calories).

Sunday morning: So get this, I got up at 9AM!! I haven't gotten up that early on the weekend since I can remember! I get up at 7am for work during the week so waking up isn't impossible for me but I was SO surprised that I woke up! So anyway, I had some waffles and of course my energy drink. I was worried that I was going to be tired later in the day and that I might need to take a nap, so I allowed the notion of possible taking a nap around 3-4pm. So I felt well rested and great for the majority of the day and mainly hung out. I DID hang out in my bed for a couple hours because that's where my netflix is. I decided to try and take an hour nap. My body fought me but I was able to sleep for an hour. I also had another can of soda (90 cal cans) I know i was getting more liberal with my caffeine thinking "I'm doing great!". Luckily though I hung out in the den watching youtube and random internet sites on my phone before getting ready for bed. I almost, ALMOST didn't drink my chamomile tea, but I did! I am a creature of habit and I enjoy habits so when I start something it becomes hard for me to break said habit. Again, I turned on a different show than the office (mainly thinking if my subconscious pays attention to the show that I've had panic attacks to before might trigger.) Far fetched? Who knows. So I drank my cup of tea, lay down and before I knew it I fell asleep.

Monday morning: So I have this bad habit of snoozing my phone alarm for about an hour before I wake up. So, I had a hard time getting up. Like most mornings. There is my habit thing again. I recognize snoozing for an hour isnt helping me but I'm in a routine and I don't want to break it!!! Had my morning energy drink and bought a tea for work. I haven't had the headaches thankfully the past couple days. Today I didn't have any so hopefully I'm getting past that.

Sorry for that late update. I will try my best to get better. Mon-Fri isn't hard but I'll have to check in Sat Sun as well. Also if I was too vague about something then please ask me if there was something I need to clarify or touch on.

I hope you're all doing well! Xoxo


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