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Worst day


On holiday, doing my best. But both my teenaged daughters have told me today that they are really sick of me being anxious and depressed. They say they walk on eggshells because I’m so unpredictable. I’m absolutely broken. Just want to leave them with my husband to enjoy what’s left of the holiday and go home. I’m not angry with them, I’m just so broken over it. 😞

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It really stings when your family speaks the truth! Been there with comments made by my children...I just swallow my pride and start everything I can to change. What seems to hurt so bad is that they’re usually right! 🌞

weegmack in reply to Hidden

It’s harder now that they’re 16 and nearly 19. They very much mean what they say and it hurts so much.

What a mess 😞

It's been about a half a century- but I remember being a teenager. Glad you came here to vent. Perhaps you need a little space?

weegmack in reply to gogogirl

I can’t reallh get any space while we’re on holiday. But when we get back, my kids will be seeing friends/boyfriends and I’ll get some breathing space.

gogogirl in reply to weegmack

Good- hope you do something nice for yourself and get a real holiday!

Yeah, 😥, that must of stung. Sorry.

I’m sorry too because I know that we don’t mean to be a downer to our families and it hurts us when we feel like a burden on those that we love. Here’s a thought though. Aren’t they sometimes a pain in our own neck? No one is always pleasant and fun to be around. You have a mental illness. You didn’t ask for it and a lot of things are out of your control. So, they got irritated. But they love you don’t they? They’ll get over it. Maybe they’ll understand better some day. I hope my kids will too. ❤️. Hugs to you!

Dreamie in reply to Dreamie

I just saw this post was from 12 months ago! LOL! Don’t know how I got to it but hey I hope you are feeling better. 💗

weegmack in reply to Dreamie

Don’t worry! I still really appreciate your reply ❤️. We had a rough few months after that, but my youngest turned out to be going through her own struggles. Just hadn’t told us. So, after a lot of talking and hugs, things are a lot better. We all understand each other more I think. Though I’m still an anxious wreck 😂

Ten years ago my teenager screamed some of the most hateful things anyone's ever said at me. Now they are a sweet and thoughtful adult with room in their heart for parents. Those kids are dealing with lots of their own fears too at that age, without much in the way of wisdom or humility. They will grow up.


i don’t have much advice, but if that’s how they’ve been feeling I think it’s better to be aware of it. Maybe there was a better way to bring up the way they were feeling and Hopefully eventually they realize that with your condition a more thoughtful approach would make you feel better about the criticism. It’s hard to talk to family sometimes I remember doing the same thing to my mother and later on I felt terrible about the way I had said things.

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