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Lost and confused


I had two back surgeries in the last two months I suffer from it’s aniety with panic accounts. And depression. I can’t work right now I am a hard worker working in a mine and owning a ranch been out of work the last few months and sitting in the house is getting to me very bad. My youngest daughtbleaft do army basic training and we didn’t leave in great term. My wife is my biggest support but she has to spend weekends away for another 6 weekends. I’m just tired of this feeling. I hate it so much. I don’t know how or why this happens to me.

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I never had a job. I know how soul crushing it is to sit around all day. Work brings dignity and the pride of doing a good job. I hear people complain about working and I think if they only knew what it is like on the flip side of the coin they might see how lucky they are to work. Don’t get discouraged. Will you be able to return to work after you heal up?

You've been thru a lot it sounds like. Its hard waiting for your body to heal. Being bored and restless and lonely leads to frustration and even anger. At least for me it does. I've had chronic depression for many, many years. I have gone thru many surgeries and have arthritis bad. I'm looking ahead to another surgery in the fall. I am still quite sedentary. Can't do the things I use to do. I have to find new things to occupy my time and as of yet its still hard. Even just being on this site and reading and posting is helping a bit. Try to take good care of yourself. Find something to fill your time. I never had time for reading, now I do that recently. That helped. I use to think reading was just something that people did when they had nothing else to do. Not so for us esp. It keeps our minds occupied. Our minds is what sometimes make things worse.

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