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Anxiety depression


I been suffering from anxiety depression for a while now . . 15yrs old on down i was ok but 16 2 now has been a struggle on & off . it makes me feel so not myself & i feel like i just cant do it anymore . To be honest i just wish i could wake up normal 😔 . when i very first experienced it i think it was 20 times worser but only cause i didnt know what was goin on wit me & now that i know or atleast what they tell me it makes me SAD cuz i have a 5yr old daughter & all i can think about is goin CRAZY . i cant even care 4 her like i should or do things i use 2 .. Im so confused . it drains me physically , mentally & emotionally & idk what 2 do .

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I was listening to the radio about young children, teens etc, suffering from mental health problems, anxiety, hearing voices and no one mentions that it could be the food, GM food sprayed with pesticides, it could be wifi signals, maybe you could research the net. Good luck


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