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Rough morning


I’ve been doing deep breathing To try and lessen the anxiety that is flowing over me and that has helped some. I’m sure others that experience the rolling anxiety and understand how it can be so frustrating to have it keep happening over and over again every morning. It just helps to talk with someone who understands exactly what I’m going through. I’m just so tired of it happening.

Who’s ever out there thank you for listening.

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I understand exactly where your at and it is so frustrating. I wake every day with high anxiety and panic. I just completed a guided meditation and have been doing deep breathing. They both help calm me some but lots of times once I'm finished the negative thinking returns and I end up anxious and depressed all over again. This has stripped me of all self confidence and is incredibly frustrating

I feel you. It really bites. If I can get outside and do anything yard work, biking, walking, anything, it helps.

Thank you for writing. I just discovered this group so I’m really excited to talk to people who are going through the same thing or similar experiences. I got myself out of the house so I’m feeling better. I hope you’re doing OK today.🌹

I like the guided meditation and the progressive relaxation too. I discovered these on YouTube, and I really like them. It actually gives me an enjoyable quiet time

If you Know of anything that helps, please post. Hope you had a better afternoon. 🙂

Aww I’m sorry 😔 I’m happy the breathing had been helping you through it . How are you feeling now ? X take care

Sounds like you're doing a bit better so that's great. Deep breathing has never really helped me much. Guided meditation does help me. I know there's apps online for them. My Christian music helps me a lot. Any calming music is a big help tho. Wishing you the best.

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