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One More Chance

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I've been in a relationship for almost 2 years now and lately its been getting to the point where my boyfriend seems to have had enough of my episodes. When we first started dating he was so supportive and always keeping me positive. Now he gets overwhelmed and doesn't know if he can take it anymore. He talks about taking a break often which breaks my heart because I love him so much and the last thing i want is our relationship to end because of me. I have always felt unwanted and like i was a burden and when i see the look on his face like he's given up on me I cant help but believe that I am a burden that im not good enough for anyone and i should just be alone. I have to get everything under control or im gonna lose him.

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the relationship takes two people....he knew what he was getting into with you from the it's not your fault because you have and illness.

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I wish he saw it that way still.

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sadly our disease is always going to effect those around us and it's a tall order sometimes.

Just want to say - you ARE enough for the right person. Don't doubt the beautiful person you are inside - despite the anxiety and depression. Those things do not define the essence of who you are and where your heart is. Hugs.

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