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I am grateful today


I feel better for 2 days already, rough mornings, but later on i can function and feel ok. I want to say Thank you to you, guys, you are a big part of it. I want to say thank you to Universe for that as well. I did not expect that only a few days ago, was struggling a lot. it just proves that we don't know the future, i was preparing myself for being depressed every single day ...till the end. When we are in a bad spot we have to believe that it is not always will be the same way, we don't know what next day...even moment will bring. We need to use any help possible and available, and we need to be able to help ourselves as well, but just let not think that we know everything what will happen. No one knows that, and sometimes good things happen to us as well. I have no idea what tomorrow will bring, but today, right now-Thank you!

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Thank YOU for those beautiful words of hope. Leave room for miracles. There’s always a surprise you never expected right around the corner. And maybe, just maybe, there are angels looking out for you, even in the worst of times.

thank you! i have read a few of your comments and post....you words are so poetic, i love this style...they are like loving hand when it is touching your hair, gentle and beautiful. thank you!(sorry for my awkward words, English is not my first language)>

Oh I’m so touched by your beautiful words, don’t apologize. I speak only one language so I have nothing on you! Since you mention poetry I have to recommend some poets that have brought so much joy to me and maybe they will to you. Antonio Machado. Pablo Neruda. Rumi. Hafiz. Lorca. Anne Sexton. Sylvia Plath. Robert Frost. Emily Dickenson. Basho.

You and I are going through similar times. Yesterday was best day I’ve had in a long time. I dare say, I felt “normal.” Mornings are rough to say the least. Anxiety likes to wake me up way too early every morning, but I’m up and doing ok and know I will feel better as my day progresses. Finding little things to do while I’m on summer break from work helps too. Cheers to more good days to come and (((Hugs))) when the rough ones try to intrude.

thank you, yes, sounds similar. it is almost funny how last night i was thinking: i feel great, almost happy...it would not happen tomorrow morning, can not be, that i would feel anxious again...sure enough: it did happen. but now is much better.

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