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Does anyone else ever feeling like they are doing this to themselves? Like maybe I should just try harder to be happy or maybe I focus on negative things too much or maybe I can just get over it and ignore things that trigger me? Like when I have certain thoughts I feel like I’m bringing it on myself. Aren’t I the one controlling my thoughts? And if I am then I should be able to stop it and feel better. Is normal real? Because I’m always trying to be that

And then today, I was just living, and not thinking about how I was feeling or acting and one of my good friends said she couldn’t keep up with me because I was wired. Idk what that means but it makes me feel like when I’m just being it’s not normal.

Idk I just want to be someone else for awhile

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I feel this same way daily

You should always try to be happy and focus on the good but it is not our fault when we can’t. We do and we do not control our thoughts sometimes things just find their way to the front of our minds. And as far normal that’s relative to the person who says it to me normal is being the best you that you can because that’s what we all should want. And as far as feeling wired depression can do that people think it’s all lows but sometimes there are these high energy periods. You shouldn’t want to be someone else your perfect the way you are just always push forward

Trust me, everyone has problems, you wouldn't be happier being someone else, be yourself and guard your thoughts. We can control our thoughts for most part but sometimes the sorrow overwhelms. I found that taking magnesium and ginseng helped me a lot! They calm the mind, body and spirit and also get rid of those sticky negative thoughts. They truly help a lot! Also, getting outside, lay on grass and look at stars, it brings things into perspective. Keep busy with good things, so you don't have too much time on your hands. =) You got this, you are beautiful, and no one could replace you! Someone out there needs you to be you and the best you. <3

Sometimes I think it is just me, and try to just be "normal" but then someone else does or says something that triggers negative feelings. I think it may be both!

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