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There is Triumph in the world

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I just read on the Newsline that all the Thai soccer team boys and their coach have against the odds been rescued from the deep wet cave where they have been trapped for days.

The whole world came together with help and encouragement to rescue them all.

This truly warms my heart when humanity comes together to save those that were in dire straights.



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Yes I was really heartened to hear this. Wonderful news and such a lovely thing that the rescuers did to save their lives. Your right it does warm the heart.

So sad that one rescuer died a few days ago in the process, may he rest in peace. They all risked their lives to save the boys and their coach. I was so happy to hear the news they all got out ❤️ Xx

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Yes Olivia40, my heart goes out to the rescuer who died and his family. But still humanity came together to save all those that were trapped in that ordeal.

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Yes it makes me feel so good to know this 💕💕💕

That's true. These are great news. Against all the odds!

I read also that the coach had trained as a Buddhist monk before becoming their coach and they all did a lot of meditating while trapped in there...which helped them tremendously. It’s an amazing story this. It’s inspiring how people have helped. I love this sort of thing. It really has a feel good factor


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I read the same thing. I’m sure quite a story will come out of all this. Still, it’s an amazing piece of optimism. I’d say this is quite healing especially with my dealing with depression. This ordeal truly demonstrates hope.

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Yes I agree Mr Zee, same for me, it does truly demonstrate hope.

Thank you for the post here on it. It’s really made me survival against all odds can be achieved.

Take care xxx

Isn't it wonderful they are all safe. Apparently their coach was the weakest one coz he insisted on giving his own ration to the boys. He is a hero too. x

That's true. I think a lot about the man who found them and the coach. All they did in their lives led to that moment. They were at right place and prepared to deal with the situation and because of that they saved lives. It must be rewarding and fulfilling. They are true heroes.

I like the idea of the right place in the right time. It's conforting. I used to think that when weird coincidences happened, like turning on the radio and that song you wanted to listen was playing. It may be naive, bit it's good to think you are in the right way.

Yes! Nice to hear something positive especially after all of the negatives and tweets!

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