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Lost in the modern world!!!

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I have a love/hate relationship with the modern world. Technology is exciting and can help people like us that have mental illness(s) but it also helps people who just want to abuse,cheat and scam... I don’t have a huge presence on social media and I always feel like I’m missing out on something and keeping up with relavent things. I wish I was like Croccodile Dundee and just connected with nature... I don’t feel I’m going to make it the way things are currently going. I don’t have a career, I don’t have many hobbies and I have low self esteem and confidence... I just feel like I would be better off dead instead of being a burden to my family. I don’t have many friends and it’s hard to trust anyone. I don’t feel very intelligent and I’m not well educated. Optimism is fading and all I feel is darkness. Maybe I should just do some LSD or DMT and see if I can connect to something. I just feel so lost and don’t feel like I have much hope left. My neurotransmitters just aren’t firing right and all I want is clarity. My self criticism is out of control and I just feel like a complete failure...

5 Replies
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Hello, Nutella. I am sorry to hear your struggles and you should know that you are not alone in your thinking.

I know what you mean by the modern world creating anxiety and stress. There is so much consumerism and advertising that everyone feels like they are missing out or left behind. It's made that way to keep you wanting to buy something. It creates status anxiety and fear. Even though I see family and friends on social media, it reminds me of being an astronaut on a faraway planet receiving transmissions from earth.

Technology can be used for good too. Like getting information quickly. I suggest that you focus on positive media. Things that are inspirational and uplifting. No need to bog yourself with negativity. Focus on the positive. Meditations on YouTube or EFT videos help me.

Communion with nature is always uplifting and pure. It is the modern world that is stressful and chaotic. Sometimes I imagine staying in a commune or ashram longing for a simple life. I kind of wish there was a farms here people could work and heal from mental illness. Wouldn't that be a wonderful idea? So I suggest spending as much time as you can with nature.

A lot of anxiety is economic related and also comes from the uncertainty of life. We want to know the outcome. But the truth is we should accept uncertainty. Living in the present moment and doing small changes everyday, slowly reaching towards a positive outcome.

I hear you when you are looking for that glimpse of hope a spiritual awakening. I've heard that you experience timelessness with DMT. There is a documentary called the DMT experience. You can watch on YouTube.

You are more than a career or education.Think of yourself as a spiritual being. Create a n identity and value system for yourself. Just because you have a career and education doesn't mean you are better. I've met highly educated rich people who are selfish and cruel. Are you a loving person? Are you kind to others? These are values that are important to me. People who give of themselves. What do you value?

What are you good at? consider this when thinking of a career. Or it's ok if you work any kind of job to pay the bills. Just balance yourself. You are not your job.

Ultimately, the longest relationship you will be in Is with yourself. Your parents won't understand your struggles. It's okay. They may be limited in their understanding. Find your truth and what works for you.

Change requires a lot of work and struggle. It is not going to be easy. There are moments of failure and hardship but keep going. Listen to people stories of overcoming hardship on YouTube.

Ask for help. This forum has been my comfort. I don't feel so alone in my struggle. Ask and someone might be able to help you. Or it's just good to let it out.

Sorry this is so long. I can't sleep and I related to your post.

😻Ayla Kat

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I can completely relate to what you are saying. I have experienced a change in my health in the past 7 months which has also triggered anxiety and depression. I have gone from working full time, mum to 2 gorgeous children, busy life to being unable to work, very reliant on my husband and not the mum I want to be to my children. Being stuck in the house I have often only been able to be connected via social media which has been good but then I feel isolated and envious of other people living their active lives. I don't want to leave my family or cause them any pain but I get fed up living this limited life and sometimes wish it was over but won't act on my feelings. It does help to chat to others who under the struggle. Thanks for sharing your feelings Nutella06 it's good to talk xxx

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If you really want 'clarity ', don't think so much.

You know why Nike have the slogan 'just do it'? It's because when it comes to doing exercise, or most things, human beings talk themselves out of it instead of just doing it.

Exercise, nature, music, pets are all a type of therapy ( which can be free or low cost rather than expensive medication) that everyone can benefit from.

I have suffered with depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia etc in the past, but I've learnt that if you love life, life will love you back. And if you always look for the negative, you'll never see the positive

We are all led to believe it's the outside world or what happens to us that creates our 'problems ', but I now know that our experience of life is from the 'inside out '

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I understand about the "modern world"- I have eye /spatial issues, and I am old!

Wow and I sad to hear your post! You are special because there is only one you...hang in there & be kind & gentle to yourself. I'm sending you love!!! XXX

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