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I keep trying to help myself but some days are better than others. My last panic attack was a few months ago, when my friend tried to commit suicide. I was the one to call 911. Im scared everyday that itll be her last. Im no where, where i want to be. But i insist on helping her because if i can somewhat do matter, so can she. Shes going down the same path again..but she doesnt want my help. I feel useless. The worse she feels, the worst my anxiety gets. We're stuck.

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Hi pattymata!

Good days and bad days is normal, to me. Keep working on yourself and try to accept the bad days as reality. If your friend doesn’t want your help, your hands are tied. Your own mental well-being comes first! The only option I can see is to let go of some of that worry, since she refuses help, and understand that it’s her issues and hers to fix. You cannot possibly fix her! Spend some of that energy helping yourself. Wishing you the best!

Hello pattymata, I believe that you both should try to get some professional help. If anything, try to get yourself some help... your friend is making you your worries! It really truly does make you feel better about yourself ❣️ I had to call 911 on myself and I sure am glad I did! I've got to continue therapy, but unfortunately don't have the vehicle a/o friends who would take me... I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers 😇

You need a closure, regards calling Emergency for your friend, you need to put that to bed and move on

If your Friend is heading back down to that dark place, all you can do is explain how you feel and ask Her to call NHS INFORMATION LINE on Tel 111 and She can ask for help or be given advice.

You could suggest that She calls Her GP to make an appointment, there are treatments that can help and Her GP is the right one to arrange a treatment pathway


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