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Anyone else find mornings the hardest?


I think it's something to do with the bodies natural production of stress hormones but also I find the thought of facing the whole day ahead quite daunting. I get lost in thoughts of what am I gonna do today? Will it be productive ? Will it be a wasted day? But really I just have to remember that it's so easy to have a good day. What helps me is simply doing instead of perpetuating negative thinking, just getting out of bed and taking care of your needs helps a lot. I've found mindfullness meditation very helpful too. It really helps me detach from the negative thoughts and emotions and realise they are not mine but simply my conciousness reacting and expressing. It's quite a liberating feeling. Hope everyone else here is having a good day.

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Many people here also recommend meditation. I didn’t get there yet, but hope to.

I feel like all my days are wasted. Sometimes it worries me and makes me feel worthless, my life too. But then I shift my mind and think: maybe I need this not-doing-anything-at-all! Maybe it’s gonna bring me a change of my life, maybe it will let me disconnect from bad people, from bad situations, bad decisions and so on. Maybe it will change me from being a very docile and tractable to assertive!

Maybe there is some good in this terrible pain we’re in.

I wish you courage!!

I know the feeling. I sometimes find writing helps but I have to get up to do that.

Mindfulness, meditation, even a 5 minute stretch is helpful when you get up.

Switching on the radio or playing your favourite album helps too. Nothing like a blast on upbeat music to get you going.

On really bad days I have my goal list and remind myself

One step at a time.

One task at a time.

One goal at a time

And I give myself a virtual hug or pat on the back for each thing I do.

Today it's going to get getting up, cleaning the kitchen, checking my suitcase and relaxing. Got 8 days of being surrounded 24/7 with people and right now that is very daunting because I fear I will.not get the alone time I need each day to let my mind settle. I find the busier my mind is the more likely the negative voices are to start up again. So I don't give them that distraction. My goal is an uncluttered mind, home and life. To be only busy with the things that bring me joy and that re-energise me.

Mornings are hard at times, but you know what sometimes it is okay to find them scary because who knows what exciting things are going to happen. We sometimes loose the mystery and delights of the unknown of what is to come and it is go to start looking for those delights again.

I actually find evenings the worst because I know once I go to sleep, the next thing that happens is gonna be a new day.

I think it’s because my days usually aren’t filled with anything productive at all, so it’s kind of like starting the same day over again! So in my mind if I don’t go to sleep then maybe I can get something done that will make today feel useful. Which doesn’t happen obviously..

For me it helps to focus on what I can do tomorrow instead of what I should have done or need to do.

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