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Say hello to my little friends

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Scary, aren't they?

I shot this on my way out of town last night. It was a nice 45 minute ride to go help out with a project some friends are working on. I checked the hourly weather before I committed, and had I been able to leave on time to come home, I would have gotten back before the rain storm hit. No such luck.

It was starting to sprinkle just as I pulled out the driveway. By the time i got to the road, all hope of being in any way dry even if i turned aound and went back had vanished.

It took me 45 minutes to ride what usually takes me 15 before I got to the 1st available stopping point, because I'm out on long winding country roads, in the dark, on a motorcycle, (so of course, one headlight) and with wet and fogged up glasses, in a total down-pour. At least my brain was dry, because I was onviously sitting it. ( You probably were way ahead of me concluding this, right?

Oh well. Best laid plans put aside for God's practical jokes. Right? Heh . . . it gets better. I stopped and had a coffee, and sure enough, it let up substantially in about 40 minutes, so I rode the rest in "normal ho-hum rain." So that part went as expected . . .

Yes, it did stop about 3 or 4 miles before I got back. Yup. This was also 100% expected. I mean, why not, right? But here's what REALLY hurts . . .

I guess I should have brought my rain gear . . . you know . . . just in case.


Yeah, I was chuckling at myself all the way home. Life's too full of REAL Schmidt to whine endlessly about the weather.

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What an adventure!

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old-soul in reply to Starrlight

Conceived in stupidity, and dedicated to the fact that I am sometime little more than a "Fool in the Rain!" lol

I think they are cute!!!! Glad you made it back safe & sound!!! XXX

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old-soul in reply to

:) "Adorable" was what flashed in my brain, then I thought of some of the people that have really been so supportive of me here this past few months and said, "I'm stopping, because I want these wonderful and beautiful people to see what I just saw."

Upon awakening and looking at the first few responses my reply is, "I am SO GLAD so many of you like it, because all of you here who are consistently here giving and receiving help ate the reason I stopped, turned around and went back to shoot several frames.

I wanted to get several that I thought were really top-notch pictures, because y'all deserve the very best. I really an very grateful.

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You're great!!!! XXX

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old-soul in reply to

Same as everyone else. Very average overall. I promise. Watch me awhile. You'll see it! lol

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No ....everyone is special!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XXX

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old-soul in reply to

lololol. Knock it off. If everyone is special, then everyone is the same. "Special" Hehe.

Owwww! My brain is stuck in a loop. Please make it stop. :/

Okay, for real. Time to re-join "responsible world of dishes, and counters, and grocery list, and looking for a safe and reasonably affordable home, cause this place is neither.

Wish me luck!

old-soul, didn't you know that if you prepare for the worst, it doesn't happen.

My umbrella has kept the weather at bay many a times :)

Although I don't recommend it while riding a motorcycle

Glad you stayed safe and were able to have a chuckle about life.

It always keeps us on our toes

Make it a great day!

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old-soul in reply to Agora1

Agora, please. You know I love you, but really, stop confusing me with actual facts! Hehe.

We don't talk a while lot one to one, but really, I am SO GLAD you are here too, my dear friend. I see how much you give to others, and really admire that about you.

Always know the door to my kitchen swings both ways too, and There's always a pot of water on the stove here if you need a friend.

You have helped me a number of times, and you have a knack for finding jyst the right words in 50 words or less. That is a talent that I (obviously) lack, and probably always will. That's why I think It's so cool! :)

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Agora1 in reply to old-soul

Thanks old-soul. That sounds so inviting and so comforting to know that there are people like yourself ready to help w/o a hesitation when we need a friend.

This is quite a forum we all found. :) could I forget those cute little guys peeking through the fence.

It reminds me of myself on those bad days, peeking through the blinds watching

the world go by. :)

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old-soul in reply to Agora1

I get it. For what It's worth, they were both really happy and it was obvious. There's at least 3 or 4 acres on that particular fenced area, and if memory serves, It's actually quite a lot more than that, yet there they are, side by side, watching cars go by . . . and birds on a wire . . . and giving one another snuggles.

Dig the pictures of your friends! You're right- we cannot control the weather- sure does make for conversations though!

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Agora1 in reply to gogogirl

How true gogogirl. Weather has been the opening topic to many a conversation over the years :)

Have a great day xx

Looove the picture :)

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old-soul in reply to Brittney07

:) I'm glad you liked it too. I have to turn off the screen and do some "actual" stuff soon, but I'm glad you came by before I went quiet for awhile. Hope y'all have some fun today.

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Brittney07 in reply to old-soul

Aw thank you and I believe we might!!water balloon fight today.:)

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old-soul in reply to Brittney07

Being the environmentally conscious guy, I just gotta say, Don't forget to let the kids know how important it is to pick up after. I have to have a team to help lick up debris after I do a fireworks display too.

Many hands make light work. :)

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Brittney07 in reply to old-soul

Oh I know your so right this morning was cleaning day so all kids had to get up and help me get the house clean before we went out to play then we clean up everything and can relax and play video games with big brother . Makes the stress level so much better when everyone pitches in to help . I hope you have a wonderful day.

BTW, as I mentioned in my "July" thread, if you right click the picture and do a "save as" (Windows users) what you will get is substantially lower resolution than the original, so, if anyone would like a higher resolution copy, just private message me your e-mail addy and I will gladly send you originals of any of the shots I post here.

Cute!! :-) :-)

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