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Everyone says it gets better

Hey everyone, I have not posted in a while but I thought I'd ask a little advice when it comes to medication. I don't know if my medication is helping. I feel like I still want to do absolutely nothing, I'm tired for no reason, I sleep all the time, I let myself get so disorganized, I constantly take off work because I don't like where I work and even though I am trying to improve all of this, I can't just magically make it all stop. Some weeks have been better than others and I am trying to find a new job that I actually look forward to and I am trying to occupy myself away from sleeping all day but it is difficult. Also, my medicine has made me gain some weight even though I eat healthy and exercise regularly. I don't think that the medicine has changed many symptoms though..

Should I try a different medication or does this sound like it may not be working for me? Or should I try a higher dosage?

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How long have you been on the medication? I would recommend speaking to your doctor about it and they can advise you on what options are open to you. Medication won’t make you feel better but it may help give you a steady foundation to work from.


I first was given 10 mg then my dose increased to 20 mg after a couple weeks. I have been on 20 mg for a couple months now. I just don't think it's doing anything for me honestly.


Hi Katiebug12!

I feel like medication alone doesn’t necessarily work well. It sounds like you’re doing things to help yourself, but excessively sleeping and avoiding work are probably not helpful. You might even be toying with a little self-sabotaging unconsciously. You have to make yourself do the very things you don’t want to do, such as, getting up and out of bed after a generous 8 hours of sleep and stay busy. I read on a post tonight in this forum about someone quitting their job due to unhappiness and then realizing that it wasn’t the job, they were unhappy with themselves...food for thought...changing jobs isn’t always a fix for what may be going on inside. I suggest these things to you not to bust your bubble, but to potentially light a fire in you/encourage you to lean heavily on actively helping yourself and not relying so much on medication to fix everything, because it won’t. It works best in conjunction with lifestyle and outlook changes. I sincerely hope you can find some relief and peace!


It sounds like you need to talk to your Dr. about your meds. They should be doing something for you, everyone reacts differently to them! I wish for you peace!!! XXX

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Good morning

your story sounds exactly like mine when to comes to sleep issues so I went for a second opinion. The drugs were doing it all to me and now that they were changed or taken off them I feel so different.

It’s amazing how awful drugs can be

With everything said I’m impressed with your motivation to eat healthy and exercise

Keep it up!


Hi katiebug12,

After a couple months, you should notice a difference. Maybe time to up your dosage, with a doctor's approval of course, or talk about a different medicine. I, myself, am trying to rely less on medicine and trying to make lifestyle changes to help myself. In the end, I believe, no medicine is good for your body. Are you doing any lifestyle changed to help yourself? Also, do you suffer from anxiety, and which type, or depression?


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