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social anxiety and depression

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Hi I just join this site.i am currently going through a bout of depression and I have social anxiety.I had social anxiety since i was really young but,I was not diagnosed until i was a teenager.I feel so alone because i have not come across other people who suffer from social anxiety.I attended several depression support groups hoping to find people there but,there was none.I have no friends and the only family I have is my mom but are relationship is damaged and she always have some excuse not to attend therapy.I am seeing a therapist but outside of that I have no one.

4 Replies
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Here for you if you ever need anyone to talk to :)


Hi 😀 It's so good of u to be going to therapy even though your mom isn't always supportive of that. You are so not alone and not having freinds is pretty easy to happen when we have social anxiety. I'm 50 and have had it since high school. And now the world is making it so much easier for us to hide out and not deal with people such as paying for gas at the pump and not going into the store, grocery stores with self check out. Etc. . Anxiety has made it hard for me with jobs, relationships, even family relationships etc although I have done pretty well all things considered but it sure is a constant battle. U have a freind here if u ever need one 💛😀

Hi... I understand. I also avoid social situations. Maybe interacting with people on here first will make you more comfortable interacting with people in person.

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