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Other Gay Males with Depression and Social Anxiety


I haven't posted for help before, but I'm looking for other Gay male peers with Depression and Anxiety. I don't have any gay friends, as strange as that sounds, to talk to. I'm trying to get back into dating and it's tough out there just meeting folks with these issues working against me in the background. Thinking moral support from our community might help. Would like the added in put from other gay men with depression and anxiety. Even if this post gets old don't hesitate to chat me up. Figuring this may take a while for a reply.

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Hey there, i understand what youre going through. i dont really have any friends if im being honest. Dating now a days is tougher than it should be. im in a relationship and its hard every single day. the struggles and problems of having depression and anxiety just add onto the stress.

I just private messaged you.

Depression doesn't discriminate....so you have plenty of peers here my friend. It's nice to have a support group, and it's few and far between to find them these days....so this place can be a good place to be open about your stuff you’re going through.

I've actually been on here providing support to other for a while now. I'm just in a weakened state I needed to find other gay males with depression and anxiety to exchange ideas, thoughts, support, and maybe remember what having a friend feels like. My story up to his point has been a disaster and is pretty horrible. Staying positive lately with two siblings recently trying (they did not succeed) to commit suicide has worn down my strength not to do it myself. This site is the extent of my socialization thus far though not that I haven't tried to meet others.

I'm Surprised there is no specific site for that here.

I meditate using an app called insight timer. I know they have specific gay male groups. Not sure of the specifics of each group.

But I agree with faux. We are all in the same spot. So being here should be helpful.

It has been, but as I wrote above two of my sibling living with me tried to commit suicide months apart mind you. I've never felt more old, tired, and faithless.

I have seen many of your replies to others and they have been inspiring. Plus you've "liked" a few of my replies to others postings.

I didn't read about your siblings till now. How are they doing?

I'm glad you are here. We are all here for each other.

Please continue to post and respond.

Take care of you.

Got back from seeing him in the Emergency room. He is doing better but apparently other issues have been discovered about his health that have to be dealt with before he gets mental health treatment. Yikes. My sister has been out of the hospital for a month now and only because of what our brother has done has set her back. Trying to help her balance out too. So both are sorta stable but not worse.

Oh before I forget. Thank you for your kindness.

You have a lot on your plate right now. Hopefully your siblings will improve and have the help they need.

Please take care of yourself. So much going on, a lot of things to juggle. But, you need to stay well too.

Pm if you need to talk.

Take care

Yeah after replying to you earlier I just collapsed into bed and slept for a few hours. Just got word he's been hospitalized for medical treatment. Well at least he's out of the E.R. hallway. I'm up late cause I can't sleep so came back online to post replies to help others. Hopefully it'll get tired and go back to sleep.

Dating is tough when you have severe anxiety, being gay makes it even harder because there are so few options. I am on a few dating apps but i cant get the nerve to actually meet anyone, I'm always in a state of anxiety and too worried they will think I'm a freak or a weak mentalcase. So i definitely relate.

Thanks it's good to know I'm not alone in feeling that way. Been working on ways to break out of the social awkwardness trying to date again. Not really been doing good at it but then I've been going to group therapy and figuring out that I can stand on my own if I need too. Just I know, it would be nice to have company along the way.

It's difficult too when you are carrying the burden of your siblings' mental health as well, and I can relate to that. Glad the group therapy is helping and that you are willing to work on these issues to better your life. I grew up with parents who visibly didn't like each other, constant verbal abuse and neglect, I've been floundering my whole life around attachment and relationships, even friendships are difficult because it's really hard for me to relinquish my distrust of people. Almost twenty years ago i was in a relationship with who i thought i was going to marry but he pulled the rug out from under me and broke up with me to see other people literally days after professing his undying love for me. It took me more than a decade to stop feeling crushed by that heartbreak, which seems like a ridiculously long time but it is what it is. I've dated a very little since then, but when it starts getting too close i find a reason not to want to be with them and break it off before it gets too deep. I also dont really have any gay male friends, so life is pretty lonely. Now i feel too old to make friends, everyone already has their circle of friends and im not gregarious enough to do the work necessary to make friends at my age.

My parents were pretty good on the whole. My dad hated my being gay and just stopped caring about me though in the end I returned home to see him through his final days. I definitely know that the only one to love me unconditionally was my mom so far in this life. I can honestly say I offered that to more than a dozen guys along my way only for them to pass it up. I thought I had found someone but after 27 years I discovered his true nature much to my horror. Now single again it's is hard to trust now and feel like I'm too close to the end to try to start over. I know that sense you speak of that others have their circle of friends and finding a tribe, for the lack of a better term, seems damn near impossible. Just going about life, hence my avatar is a wolf, a lone one at that. Wow I think I just bummed myself out. LOL.

I was looking at dating apps too. It's so hard since most of the guys I like aren't local. The ones that click on me aren't my type and the ones I click on aren't mine. It's funny but it's grim at the same time.

By the way you're welcome to private message me too might be better since some stuff is getting way personal. Just a thought.

How can I do that

Phil 2 ADT @ gmail com

Sound like u could have autism am so sad for u x


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